TencentDB for PostgreSQL

Powerful computing performance and geographic information processing capabilities that are ideal for OLTP scenarios with complex enterprise-grade SQL processing


TencentDB for PostgreSQL enables you to easily set up, operate and scale PostgreSQL in the cloud, the most powerful open-source database on the market. Tencent Cloud takes care of most of the complex and time-consuming administrative tasks such as PostgreSQL software installation, storage management, high-availability replication and data backup for disaster recovery, allowing you to focus on business program development.


Powerful Functionality

Over the past few years, PostgreSQL has become the first choice for open-source relational database for commercial use. Based on SQL, TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports unstructured data types such as JSON, XML and Key-value and a variety of SQL syntaxes and functions. In addition, it leverages synchronous replication technology to achieve commercial-grade strong data consistency.

Excellent Performance

As a high-performance database ideal for OLTP and OLAP scenarios, TencentDB for PostgreSQL has a query optimizer comparable to that of commercial databases to support all mainstream types of multi-table join queries. It is capable of processing up to 100,000 queries per second based on PCI-E SSD storage, enabling you to support more concurrent requests with less databases.

Convenient Management

PostgreSQL supports a complete set of default operations such as backup, recovery, monitoring and migration. You can manage conveniently with just a few clicks in the Tencent Cloud Console. A large number of performance views offer visibility into the performance of currently running SQL, current lock wait, table scan, index scan and other items, helping you locate performance issues faster and with more accuracy.


TencentDB for PostgreSQL is an advanced, secure and scalable database hosting service.
Easily Managed Deployment

Tencent Cloud enables you to launch a PostgreSQL instance and connect it to applications in just a few minutes without additional configuration required. The default settings have universal parameters that can be modified in the console in real time, eliminating complicated installation and configuration and improving your OPS efficiency.


Data Warehouse and Big Data

Suitable Business Types

Data Warehouse and Big Data

Cloudification Recommendation

A primary goal of modern enterprises is to maximize the value of data. TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports a wide range of data types, window functions, CTE/CUBE advanced analytics, external data source plugins, and TB-level large tables. It features efficient multi-table correlation and parallel query optimization, enabling you to build data warehouses and big data analytics platforms with ease to facilitate your business operations.  

Computing Edition