Real-time Communication

Interconnect multiple terminals to quickly build a real-time audio and video communication platform


Leveraging QQ's over a decade of experience in audio and video calling and combining the WebRTC capabilities of Tencent Browsing Service (TBS), Real-time Communication (RTC) enables you to implement customizable real-time video calling services across multiple platforms through an SDK. With RTC, you can build an audio and video communication platform from scratch on any browsers or apps with no audio and video technologies required.


Support for All Platforms

With the aid of RTC, end users can initiate, receive and end audio and video calls through an HTML5 page in any browser or through an integrated SDK on PC, Mac or apps.

Low Development Costs

RTC provides cross-platform high-quality video calling capabilities. You can choose to integrate the RTC SDK into your business clients or access RTC directly through a browser, greatly reducing development costs.

Excellent Image Quality

RTC adopts Tencent Cloud's proprietary video processing algorithms to optimize video clarity, reduce blurs and support 720p HD video calls, providing end users with a client-grade experience through an HTML5 page.

Stable Network Communication

RTC feature an anti-packet loss rate of over 40% and anti-jitter of 1,000 ms, making it possible to provide high-quality audio and video communication even in weak network environments and ensuring smooth and stable video calls.

Data Security and Reliability

RTC takes full advantage of Tencent's 17 years of experience in Internet security protection and Tencent Cloud's proprietary transfer protocols to effectively prevent data hacking and theft.


Support for All Platforms

Compatible with interactive live broadcasting SDKs for access, RTC provides high-quality video calling capabilities for various platforms, enabling end users to quickly initiate, receive and end audio and video calls in their browser.


Online Education

Online education breaks through the limitations of time and space of traditional education. The multi-terminal communication of RTC provides students with a more fragmented and innovative learning experience, which helps facilitate the sharing of high-quality teachers and study resources. For vocational education and small-class lectures, RTC makes possible real-time Q&A sessions between students and teachers and provides a wide variety of media functions tailored for the classroom.

Video Customer Service

With pure text or audio-based communication, customer service representatives sometimes are unable to clearly understand and fully solve customer issues. For example, it is often difficult for end users to clearly describe their issues to technical support representatives of large home appliance manufacturers. With the help of RTC, end users can easily initiate direct video calls through an HTML5 page or app to the representatives who can guide them through solving the issues, ultimately enhancing the reputation of the manufacturers.

Interactive Entertainment

The powerful RTC provides online claw crane games with convenient audiovisual access for an excellent interactive experience.

Corporate Work

Large companies often have offices spanning the globe. With RTC, employees can easily access training courses and conferences through a mobile HTML5 page no matter where they are located, not only reducing phone costs, but also helping improve workplace conditions and cut travel expenses for off-site meetings.

Online Recruitment

Traveling across cities for interviews can be a major hassle for job seekers. More and more companies have been conducting interviews over the phone, but the inability for candidates and recruiters to see facial expressions and body language has created obstacles to effective communication. This has led to the increasing popularity of video interviews. With RTC, attending remote interviews is made convenient and easy.


RTC is billed per use on a monthly basis: USD3.63 per 1,000 minutes of talk time and USD217.40 per month as monthly service fee. Talk time is calculated by adding up the number of minutes of talk time by all participants. For example, if three people talk for 50 minutes, the billable talk time would be 150 minutes. The price range listed above is for scenarios with a single-channel video resolution of 720p or less. For single-channel video resolution of above 720p, please contact our sales team for a quote.