Secure Content Delivery Network

A powerful secure content delivery network for your business


Tencent Cloud Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN) provides your business with superior security protection while accelerating delivery of business content. SCDN can be enabled for Tencent Cloud CDN-enabled domain names in one click for comprehensive protection of your business against DDoS, CC and WAF attacks.


WAF Protection

Based on Tencent Cloud WAF's massive database of attack samples, SCDN performs feature matching on access requests and effectively defends against various types of web attacks such as SQL injections, XSS attacks and local file inclusion, protecting your websites from being tampered with in real time.

Precise Access Control

SCDN supports the configuration of complex and precise access rules for fields such as IP, URI, referer, user-agent and params and filtering based on combinations of various conditions according to the business scenario.

Intelligent CC Identification

SCDN can precisely control access in a multi-dimensional customized manner and filter out spam access requests with the aid of human-machine identification and global frequency limitation.

DDoS Cleansing

SCDN is capable of precise cleansing based on advanced feature recognition algorithms to protect service continuity from being interrupted by various types of high-traffic attacks such as SYN, TCP and ICMP floods.

Attack Monitoring

SCDN can identify and gather information on DDoS attacks, monitor and analyze WAF attack types and display attacks on and defense conditions of websites in real time.


End user requests first reach SCDN, and then customized precise access control policies are loaded on each security node to allow only the requests that match the set rules. SCDN's distributed high-defense cleansing nodes cleanse DDoS attacks and WAF protection clusters perform website security checks, blocking malicious requests from reaching the real servers.