Serverless Cloud Function

A secure, stable, easy-to-use and efficient serverless function computing platform with high cost performance.


Tencent Cloud's Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) is a serverless execution environment that enables you to build and run applications without having to purchase and manage servers. Simply code in a supported language and set the execution conditions, and your code can be run on the Tencent Cloud infrastructure elastically and securely. SCF is an ideal computing platform for use cases such as real-time file processing and data processing.


Ease of Use

By just writing the most important "core code" without concern for peripheral components, you can greatly reduce the complexity of the service architecture. SCF can scale up and down based on the number of requests with no manual configuration required. Regardless of the volume of requests to your application at any given time, SCF can automatically arrange suitable computing resources to meet business needs.

High Efficiency

SCF is compatible with multiple different frameworks, allowing you to focus on the development of your core code. The development of individual modules does not require knowledge of the code details. SCF can be used to write certain single-purpose, logically independent business modules. Each individual function is run, deployed and scaled separately and can be automatically deployed after you upload the corresponding code, accelerating independent development and iteration.

High Stability and Reliability

If an available zone is down due to a natural disaster or power failure, SCF can automatically utilize the infrastructure of other available zones for code execution, eliminating the risk of service interruptions inherent in single-availability zone operations. Event-triggered workloads can be achieved using SCF that leverages different cloud services to meet the requirements of different business scenarios and further strengthen your service architecture.

Simplified Management

With SCF, complex configurations and management of OS intrusions, login risks, file system security, network security and port monitoring are things of the past. Centralized platform functions ensure user isolation through customized containers. SCF can be deployed and tested in one click with no complicated configuration files required.

Reduced Overhead

SCF does not incur any fees when not in use, significantly reducing overhead for some non-resident business processes. When SCF executes code, you are billed for the volume of requests and the running time of the computing resources. This pricing model has obvious advantages and is extremely attractive to new developers just starting out.


Tencent Cloud SCF is Tencent Cloud's serverless execution environment for companies and developers that eliminates the need for purchasing and managing servers. Instead, simply write the core code in a language supported by the platform and set the conditions for code execution, and your code can be run on the Tencent Cloud infrastructure elastically and securely.
Code Management

Once the code is uploaded, SCF can provide you with a variety of code management methods:

You can edit the code through the console. This method is suitable for business code with no external dependencies which can be edited directly in the console.

You can zip together all the dependencies and the code and upload the zipped package to SCF. The SCF platform will automatically extract and execute the entry function.

You can zip together all the dependencies and the code, upload the zipped package to Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) and specify the bucket and file object where the code resides in SCF. The SCF platform will automatically download the function code.


Real-time File Processing

In application scenarios such as video and social networking, users frequently upload large caches of image, audio and video files, imposing high real-timeness and concurrency requirements on the processing system. For example, for user-uploaded video clips, we can use multiple SCFs corresponding to different resolutions (1080p, 720p, etc.) for separate processing, providing users with the performance they need in different scenarios despite the narrow bandwidth and unstable connections when using cellular networks.

Data ETL Processing

In some data processing systems, it is often necessary to process a mass of data on a periodic or scheduled basis. For example, a securities brokerage firm analyzes the number of transactions every 12 hours to rank the top five offerings in terms of trading volume, or a flash sale website processes its daily transaction flow log to determine the errors caused by stock outages and analyze the popularity and trends of products. The near-unlimited expansion capability of SCF enables you to perform large-capacity data computation with ease. SCF can be used to execute multiple mapper and reducer functions concurrently on the source data, reducing the time needed to complete any job. Compared with traditional workflows, SCF will reduce resource waste from idling and realize cost savings.

Backends of Mobile and Web Applications

SCF is highly compatible with other Tencent Cloud services, enabling you to easily build highly scalable mobile or web applications with a rich set of serverless backends. Such applications can be run in multiple IDCs with high availability, saving you the effort of managing scaling, backups and redundancies.

AI Inference and Prediction

After an AI model is trained, using the inference service is easy. Our Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) allows you to package the data model into an API request and the code is executed upon reception. There is no upfront investment in servers and GPUs. You only pay for what you use, and you get the automatic high-concurrency scaling capability we provide.


SCF is billed monthly in a postpaid model, so you only pay for what you use. The bill for the current month will be in USD and will arrive between the 3rd and 5th day of the following month. The monthly statement for SCF consists of three items, resource usage fees, call fees and outgoing traffic fees. Each item is charged based on the actual usage in its own calculation method. The amount owed is rounded to the cent in USD. For more information on pricing, see the Pricing doc. In addition, if you sign up for the SCF service, you will be entitled to a certain amount of resources and number of calls free of charge each month. For more information, see the free quota.