Benefits Why SSL
Top CAs
Tencent Cloud issues SSL certificates under the authorization of international top certificate authorities (CAs), ensuring certificate security

A CA is a network organization that manages and issues security credentials and encrypted information security keys and assumes the responsibilities of verifying the validity of public keys in the public key system and authenticating users and enterprises. Therefore, the authority and impartiality of CAs are of the utmost significance. Tencent Cloud only collaborates with top international CAs to provide safe and secure SSL certificates.

Encrypted Data Transfer
Encryption secures the data transfer between the browsers/apps and servers

App and webpage data communication is encrypted by HTTPS to protect the data from being stolen and tampered with during transfer to ensure data integrity, prevent traffic hijacking and webpage advertising by ISPs and effectively resist man-in-the-middle attacks for great security improvement.

100% Compatibility
Symantec root certificate supports all browsers and mobile devices

Compatibility relates to whether the browser will correctly prompt for the security of a webpage when it is accessed by an end user. At present, Symantec root certificate offers the top browser compatibility on the market and supports all mainstream browsers and mobile devices.

Increased Search Ranking
Using HTTPS helps increase the search ranking and credibility of your website

In 2014, Google adjusted its search engine algorithms so that "websites using HTTPS rank higher in search results than those using HTTP." Meanwhile, Chinese search engines have been attaching more significance to HTTPS. As a result, using HTTPS can naturally help with your website SEO.



Certificate Issuance

Domain validated (DV) certificates are automatically reviewed and verified by Symantec for fast issuance.


As the world's largest information security vendor and service provider and the most authoritative digital certificate authority, Symantec provides a wide range of content and network security solutions for enterprises, individuals and service providers. 93% of fortune 500 companies worldwide use VeriSign SSL digital certificates offered by Symantec.


TrustAsia® is the information security services brand of TrustAsia Technologies, Inc. which, as a Platinum Partner of Symantec™, provides corporate customers with a full range of security services including digital certificates.

Fast Application
Centralized Management
Easy Deployment


Deploying Certificates to CLB

Tencent Cloud CLB supports SSL encryption and decryption through HTTPS. Its backend has multiple server clusters. One server in one single cluster can achieve a full handshake performance of 65,000 QPS and a keep-alive performance of about 300,000 QPS.

Under normal circumstances, the HTTPS protocol adds at least one full handshake process due to the use of the SSL protocol, leading to an added delay of 2*RTT. In addition, SSL symmetric/asymmetric encryption consumes a lot of CPU resources, while the RSA's decryption capability is a major problem that plagues HTTPS access.

However, the CLB-enabled HTTPS service eliminates the need to deploy services separately for SSL encryption and decryption to help save you money and easily obtain strong business-sustaining and anti-attack capabilities.
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Deploying Certificates to CDN
Supporting Automatic Authentication by DNS