Tencent Brand Management

Brand awareness management tool


Tencent Brand Management (TBM) is an integrated analysis and management tool for brand news and mentions based on Tencent Cloud's capabilities of natural language processing, online data collection and big data analytics. By collecting brand news and reviews across the entire Internet in real time and leveraging Tencent's proprietary online sentiment processing platform for automatic news classification, sentiment recognition, trend analysis, buzz analysis and user identification, TBM provides a wide variety of approaches to brand data management such as brand buzz and trending, brand reputation, media coverage, social media posts, negative sentiment monitoring, brand profiling and competitive analysis.


Brand Reputation

TBM collects brand news and information online, computes brand exposure in online media and user reviews and comprehensively analyzes brand awareness and reputation. Further, it identifies trends in user likes and dislikes by recognizing positive and negative brand sentiments through Tencent Natural Language Processing (NLP), helping locate product defects and improve product design.

Competitive Analysis

By monitoring competitive brand data, TBM compares your brand with the competition to identify differences in brand exposure, reputation and user profiles. Additionally, it analyzes the relevance between each brand in terms of online exposure to reflect the competitive relationship.

Brand Profiling

By identifying and analyzing Internet users who interact with your brand news, TBM generates insights into user characteristics and profiles of typical customers of your brand, which contributes to data-based decision-making for improving product designs and business operations.

Industry News

By customizing news and information related to the industry of your brand, TBM helps build a news platform unique to your brand, enabling you to stay up to date on industry trends and greatly simplifying business information collection with reduced labor costs and improved efficiency, speed and convenience.

Communication Analysis

By collecting online data about posts and articles specific to your brand, TBM analyzes and counts such data for market reach, reposting frequency and reposting channels, helping you understand the effectiveness of online campaigns, improve campaign design and select the optimal promotion channels.

Crisis Alerting

By monitoring the online media coverage of your brand in real time, TBM provides hourly identification of suspected negative posts with buzz surges, alerting you in advance of false reports about your brand and enabling you to conduct timely intervention to protect your brand from being maliciously discredited.


Online Media Coverage Aggregation

TBM collects online information related to your brand, computes its exposure and reviews in online media and comprehensively analyzes your brand awareness and reputation. Automatic computation is performed daily starting on the date of brand creation. Data in the past three months can be backtracked.


Corporate Public Relations

TBM allows for fast and comprehensive access to your brand's latest online exposure and media coverage, automatically identifies negative social media posts and press articles to provide early warning for suspected negative sentiments that quickly spread, and analyzes the buzz around and influence of your PR advertorials.

Strategic Analysis

TBM quantitatively presents online influence, key coverage and latest industry news of your brand, analyzes user profiles and reviews, computes brand reputation and compares your brand with the competition in a variety of aspects, thereby supporting data-based decision-making of your strategic analysis department.


TBM analyzes Internet user profiles, reviews and feedback of your product lines to help you improve product designs and plan new products. Through quantitative analysis of brand influence, buzz and competition, it assists with formulating promotional strategies and selecting optimal promotional media. Further, it helps you create and evaluate promotional campaigns through communication analysis.