Tencent Cloud Conference

Your online, digital, paperless conference assistant


Tencent Cloud Conference can be widely used in business conferences, annual meetings, road shows, lectures, industry forums etc. Through face recognition, electronic business card, simultaneous interpretation, live video and other technologies, it brings efficient organization to your conference, and brings online, digital, and paperless experience.


High Efficiency

Conference agendas, guides, guest information, and venue information are all hosted online and can be adjusted in real time.

Low Costs

Guest cards, participation guides, business cards and promotional materials can all be done away with, reducing material production costs.

Excellent User Experience

Participants can simply use their phones to obtain all relevant conference information such as agendas, speakers, exhibitions, traffic conditions, and business opportunities. Other features such as facial recognition, simultaneous interpretation, and electronic business cards are also available.

Big Data

Through the analysis of real-time sign-in status of the participants from the backend, and the establishment of effective conference CRM system, the organizer can manage the conference easily, and promote the maintenance of business cooperation opportunities.

Quality Service

Adhering to Tencent Cloud's service purpose, we will respond to customer needs quickly . After your application approved, there will be professional people to follow up according to your contact information, determine the application scenarios and business intentions, and then perform offline matching.


Face Recognition

Through the facial recognition capabilities of Tencent Cloud, participants can quickly check in with ease.


Face Recognition Sign In

Before the start of the conference, the attendees upload their face photos via the H5 page or WeChat Mini Program, and the on-site can quickly complete the check-in through the face recognition machine.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Through simultaneous interpretation technology,the speech of the speaker at the conference can be converted into text then translated into the target language, and presented on the large venue LED screen and the participant's mobile phone screen in real time.

Live Interaction

Support a variety of on-site interactive methods, including large-screen lucky draws, cell phone shake-shake games, sign up face photo wall, etc. which are very conducive to the active atmosphere.

Statistical Management

The organizer can know the conferecne well via the data statistics report provided by the Tencent Cloud Conference backend, and manage conference and participants data easily.


Tencent Cloud Conference fees is based on business needs and requirements. For further information, please apply now.