Tencent Cloud Elastic Microservice

A serverless microservice platform for auto scaling and microservice governance


Tencent Cloud Elastic Microservice (TEM) is a serverless PaaS platform designed for microservice applications. It perfectly combines serverless resources and the microservice architecture to provide a complete set of out-of-the-box microservice solutions. It embraces the concept of open source, makes it possible to cloudify Spring Cloud native applications without any modifications, offers a wide range of capabilities such as application hosting, service registration and discovery, microservice governance, and multidimensional monitoring, and supports the Consul and Eureka registries. Moreover, it allows you to create and manage pay-as-you-go cloud resources on demand that can be automatically scaled in seconds, which significantly reduces your Ops resource costs and allows you to fully focus on your core businesses for better business outcomes.


Open Source

TEM embraces the Spring Cloud open source community and serves as a highly available, scalable, and flexible commercialized component-based microservice technology platform. It enables the modification-free and intrusion-free migration of Spring Cloud applications to the elastic microservice architecture, reducing your migration time and labor costs.

Microservice Application Hosting

TEM offers application hosting services that manage the entire lifecycle of cloud native microservice applications. With the aid of TEM, you can create, deploy, scale, stop, deactivate, and monitor applications simply, efficiently, securely, and flexibly without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Microservice Solutions

As a powerful microservice technology platform, TEM provides a rich set of out-of-the-box microservice solutions such as service registration and discovery and non-intrusive service governance, which help you quickly build microservice applications, reduce the complexity and technical threshold of service governance, and focus more on your core businesses for better business outcomes.

Serverless Resources

TEM manages IaaS resources for you so that you don't have to manually purchase, terminate, or maintain virtual machines and container clusters. Its fast auto scaling capabilities and multidimensional auto scaling policies help you easily manage traffic peaks and prevent system crashes and service avalanches.

Cost Reduction

With TEM, you no longer have to prepare resources for business peak hours in advance. It provides multi-policy auto scaling capabilities that can scale resources according to requests and loads, eliminating troublesome Ops such as manual resource addition and removal. Resources are pay-as-you-go on demand, which means that you don't need to pay for idle resources.

Simple Access

TEM enables you to easily, quickly, and smoothly migrate your businesses to the cloud without modifying your business code, which eliminates learning costs, greatly reduces your Ops costs, and helps you achieve better business outcomes.


Cloud-Based Microservice Application Hosting

With the help of TEM, you only need to upload application packages or images for easier application deployment. TEM supports microservice applications written in Java or based on Spring Cloud. In addition, it also provides convenient features such as service registration and discovery and service governance, greatly reducing the Ops costs of your microservice applications and lowering their technical thresholds.


Microservice Application Hosting

As team sizes and business scales grow, backend services gradually evolve from a monolithic architecture to a microservice architecture. Although the microservice architecture empowers agile development, flexible deployment, and high scalability, it increases the complexity of service governance and Ops and raises their technical thresholds.

In order to address the aforementioned problems introduced by the microservice architecture, TEM offers out-of-the-box microservice solutions through rich features and capabilities such as application hosting, service registration and discovery, service governance, call chain, and multidimensional monitoring, which help you quickly build microservice applications, improve the Ops efficiency, reduce the complexity and technical threshold of service governance, and focus more on your core businesses for improved business outcomes.

Auto Scaling

Ecommerce, video, gaming, securities, and online education applications are prone to traffic surges, access response timeouts, and increased error rates in scenarios where the business traffic volume changes rapidly on a regular basis. TEM can automatically scale resources within seconds to help you manage traffic peaks with ease.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

TEM helps you achieve continuous integration and delivery as well as fast microservice application iterations. From code development to application delivery, its IDEA plugins, multiple deployment methods, and various release policies (e.g., grayscale release) help you quickly maximize the value of your businesses.


The TEM service is currently in closed beta testing. To try it out, please submit an application . After your application is approved, the TEM team will confirm your request and reach out to you to conduct business negotiations.

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