Tencent Git

Git-based collaborative development solution for enterprises


Tencent Git (TGit) is a developer tool created by Tencent Cloud to provide Git-based online code hosting services that greatly improve research and development efficiency, including submission, storage, download, duplication, branching, comparison and merging of code as well as management of records, projects and members.


Secure Code Management

1) TGit supports encrypted transfer through HTTPS and SSH to eliminate the potential risks with code leakage. 2) TGit provides permission control functions down to the branch level, where each branch is independent of one another and the operations on the branch do not affect the work of the master. 3) TGit creates operational logs for important operations to facilitate backtracking and prevent development problems caused by faulty operations on important branches.

Flexible Project Management

As Tencent's internal code hosting platform, TGit fully supports the wide variety of businesses of Tencent and allows you to enjoy the same service experience: 1) Easy deployment of a project version repository, convenient granting of project authorization and quick establishment of a core project team through simple web-based operations. 2) Quick browsing through projects to find the ones that interest you. 3) Real-time publishing of project-specific wiki entries.

Code Review & Collaborative Development

TGit supports peer review of the code where a user can bring forward opinions and suggestions on the code written by another user, which helps improve code quality, find the best solution for code issues and simplify the code.

TGit stores the code in the cloud where it can be accessed by multiple roles collaboratively across regions for improved development efficiency.


Code Hosting

TGit is a Git-based online code hosting tool that is compatible with common Git commands and supports version rollback and cloud-based project backup, helping efficiently prevent code loss caused by physical device damage. TGit allows project members to store project code in the cloud, which enables cross-regional collaborative development, improves team development efficiency and helps with agile development.


Collaborative Development

TGit offers convenient configuration management services and supports multi-branch concurrent development. In addition, it allows users to read, modify and submit code online anytime, anywhere, which helps improve development efficiency. These features make TGit ideal for development scenarios that require high efficiency and agility, efficient collaborative management and low costs or require frequent cross-regional code merging.

Private Code Repository

TGit provides stable and secure code hosting services where the code for all development projects is stored in the cloud, allowing users to read and manage the code online anytime, anywhere. TGit can be used as a private code repository for code hosting and version management of private projects.