TI X-Mirror: Content Moderation

Intelligent audit services for multimedia contents to reduce business violation risks and labor costs


Based on Tencent's massive amounts of data resources and deep learning technology, TI X-Mirror: Content Moderation (TICM) provides intelligent audit services for multimedia content such as images and videos, which not only help you reduce violation risks with pornographic, violent and politically sensitive material, but also greatly reduce the costs of human audit to ensure healthy business growth.


Accurate Recognition

Based on Tencent's massive amounts of data and user feedback samples and relying on intelligent deep learning algorithms, TICM offers industry-leading accuracy and recall rate by continuously optimizing recognition effects through continuous learning of training samples and achieving rapid iteration of engines.

High Cost Performance

TICM provides comprehensive API and SDK resources for easy access and use, features low cost per call and can eliminate over 90% of manual audits to effectively reduce labor costs.

Wide Application

TICM can accurately detect and discover illegal content such as pornographic, violent and politically sensitive material in images and videos. It supports the adjustment of confidence scores based on actual business conditions and has a wide range of business applications satisfying your content audit requirements for different scenarios.


Pornography Detection

TICM intelligently recognizes pornographic and sex-related content in images and videos, effectively reducing labor costs and avoiding violation risks.


Image Audit

TICM can automatically audit avatars in social media and forums, user-uploaded images on UGC platforms and images generated on other online platforms in real time to quickly screen out violations involving pornographic, violent and politically sensitive material and reduce human audit costs.

Live Broadcasting Audit

To help deal with the massive volumes of video clips uploaded by users on VOD platforms and the video streams on live broadcasting platforms, TICM adopts real-time image frame detection to quickly identify illegal content that would be blocked through manual review and intervention, significantly improving the content audit efficiency for video and live broadcasting platforms.