Tencent Location Insight

One-stop service for insights into commercial districts


Tencent Location Insight (TLI) is a smart store analysis service based on positioning technology and big data analytics that is dedicated to digitalized operations and refined management of commercial districts. Through the analysis of trends in visitor traffic, regional heat distribution, visit frequency, customer source distribution, customer profiles and commercial environment insights, TLI helps you analyze store competitiveness, diagnose store operations, identify profitable opportunities and select optimal locations for outdoor advertising.


Customer Traffic Analysis

Relying on Tencent's experience with its countless products and services and tens of billions of location queries and mobile analyses processed per day, TLI provides merchants and commercial districts with hourly and daily insights into customer visits. Further, it differentiates customer visit trends by locals, out-of-towners and high- and low-frequency visitors and identifies changes in the proportion of store members and potential high-conversion customers. This enables you to dynamically stay up to date on customer visits and gain insights into shopping intentions.

Customer Traffic Heat

TLI clearly displays the distribution of visitors, members and potential customers in the commercial district utilizing heat maps. Current customer traffic concentration and ranking lists can be viewed for any specific date and time, helping you quickly identify the real "center" of the commercial district and providing data support for offline marketing and outdoor advertising.

Customer Traffic Frequency

Taking advantage of precise definitions of different retail formats, TLI helps you more accurately understand the number and frequency of visits by customers. Additionally, it can create a complete offline customer data chain based on the number of subsequent visitors and buyers, enabling you to gain panoramic perspectives of commercial districts, stores and spending, optimize each conversion link, tap into market potential and improve store layout and sales.

Customer Group Profiling

Leveraging Tencent's advantages in big data, TLI accurately locates each real individual, provides hundreds of tags such as demographics, online habits, social preferences, daily life preferences and consumption habits, connects online and offline behavior data, activates first-party store data and offer guidance on strategies for ad placement, product selection, marketing, site selection and store relocation.

Customer Distribution

TLI offers insights into the residence neighborhoods, office locations and frequented places of visitors, members and potential customers at the city level, which helps you better understand your store's sphere of influence and locate the advantageous areas in a commercial district. TLI supports the analysis of sphere overlapping with competitors and helps you attract more customers and diagnose store operations.

Commercial District Profiling

In combination with big location data and Tencent’s geographic information analysis, TLI can display store distribution and distance in multiple dimensions such as retail format, type and brand as well as lists of stores most frequently visited by visitors, members and potential customers, helping you identify competitors and targets of cross-industry alliances based on location and region.


Store and Commercial District Customization

Store addresses and spheres of influence can be added and modified at any time.


Operations Diagnosis

Based on the trends in high- and low-frequency customer visits, distribution differences and customer profiles, TLI can track online and offline behaviors of customers and thereby offer guidance on refined management of brand development, categorized promotions and marketing strategies.

Competition Analysis

TLI can compare your store with competitors in terms of customer traffic trend, customer visit frequency, potential customer concentration, profile overlapping and degree of difference, which can help you analyze data in a targeted manner, narrow down the scope of operational troubleshooting and find the clear direction of optimization.

New Customer Acquisition

TLI helps you understand your store's sphere of influence for visitors, members and potential customers, identify profitable opportunities and obtain more relevant data that supports decision-making for campaigns and outdoor ad placements.