Tencent VooV Meeting

Video conferencing service supporting up to 300 participants with AI voice enhancement, now free for a limited time


Tencent VooV Meeting (TVM) is an efficient and reliable video conferencing service powered by Tencent that is built for collaboration. With this product, users can schedule and join meetings, anytime, anywhere, thus eliminating the need to travel and allowing you to be more efficient and productive with your time.


Smooth HD conferencing experience

TVM features high definition, intelligent video noise reduction, and a beauty filter to enhance your appearance.

It comes with AI-based speech enhancement and high audio fidelity processing algorithms to minimize ambient noise.

Flexible ways to join meetings

TVM enables attendees to join meetings quickly on mobile phones, PCs, and tablets for a seamless conferencing experience across platforms.

It can be integrated with native calendar applications so you can view your scheduled meetings and receive meeting reminders.

Efficient sharing and collaboration

TVM enables real-time screen sharing on PCs and mobile devices, improving the clarity of presentations and communications. A watermark feature ensures data security.

It features instant text messaging to facilitate discussions without disrupting meetings.


Host large-scale group meetings

TVM provides stable cloud-based HD conference service for groups. The personal edition provides a 45-minute online group meeting with a maximum of 25 participants. The professional edition has unlimited duration and supports up to 100 participants. The enterprise edition supports over 300 participants with valuable add-ons.


For Enterprises

Users can join meetings via PC and mobile devices easily. Flexible scaling options enables enterprises to host high quality online meetings efficiently .

For Online Classes

HD screen sharing enables educators to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.

For Interviews

AI speech enhancement enables smooth communications for online interviews. A beauty filter is provided to enhance appearances.


Starting from January 24, 2020, TVM is offering free online meeting services with a maximum of 300 participants until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We aim to help enterprises stay connected while working remotely.

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