User Generated Short Video SDK

Create user-generated short mobile video applications quickly and easily


User Generated Short Video (UGSV) client SDK leverages the powerful upload, storage, transcoding and distribution capabilities of Tencent Cloud Video on Demand (VOD) to offer you features such as video capturing, clipping, splicing, special effects, sharing and playback. It can be used with Instant Messaging (IM), social networking, user profiling, face recognition, image detection and other Tencent services to help you create user-generated short mobile video applications easily and quickly based on business needs.


Diverse Features

UGSV is a full-featured service that provides app developers with a variety of industry-leading mobile video capabilities, including video capturing, clipping, splicing, special effects, beauty filters, green screen keying, animated widgets, publishing and playback.

VOD Integration

UGSV integrates Tencent Cloud VOD service to provide a one-stop cloud-based solution for video uploading, storage, quick transcoding, porn detection and video distribution. It helps ensure that user videos are viewed and shared in a timely fashion. Learn more about VOD.

Content Detection

UGSV comes built in with VOD’s porn detection. Porn detection is automatically started once a video is uploaded. A score indicating the amount of pornographic content is quickly computed once the video is uploaded.

AI Support

Powered by cloud-based AI engines, UGSV leverages face recognition and motion capture technologies to enable content classification and personalized recommendation. It supports intelligent tagging, intelligent video cover generation, green screen keying, face widgets and more.


Capturing and Video Shooting

Shooting videos with different aspect ratios, quality control, speed control, segmented recording, background music, and beauty filters. Learn More


Creative Short Videos for Social Media

UGSV enables you to create, upload and share short and creative mobile videos in real time. You can use a variety of features, including beauty filters, animated widgets, special effects, green screen keying, intelligent clipping and splicing.

Interactive Chat

UGSV allows you to shoot and share short videos in real time while chatting on your mobile, rendering the experience more entertaining than the traditional text and images messaging. You can add design elements to your video captions for efficient and lively interaction.

Video News

You can use UGSV to shoot and share newsreels in real time, which are easier to digest and more engaging than the traditional text- and image-based news. The fast upload, intelligent editing and cloud storage features of UGSV help you efficiently extend the outreach of your newsreels.


With UGSV, professional consultants can record short videos and use engaging captions to answer inquiries, improving business efficiency and accuracy.


During eSports live streaming, you can use UGSV to shoot and edit video footages on the spot, and quickly share the content with viewers across the Internet. The special effects and intelligent clipping features can make your videos even more eye-catching.


UGSV is currently in beta. To use it, please contact sales.