Customer Cases


Product Overview

Advantages Why Tencent Cloud WAF
Specialized Website Protection Capability

Thousands of defense rules are set to comprehensively prevent all kinds of web intrusion attacks. A specialized security team is set up to iterate WAF on a 24/7 basis in real time, ensuring a cutting-edge defense system for your website.

Timely Patching

Patch updates are issued to fix high-risk vulnerabilities within 12 hours and to fix common vulnerabilities within 24 hours. WAF is automatically upgraded on the cloud and synchronously delivers policies globally in seconds so that enterprises can be worry-free about web vulnerabilities.

Stable High-Availability Business Assurance

WAF provides convenient access without the necessity of installing or maintaining hardware and software. It also offers stable, low-latency, and high-performance VIP direct connect services, not only hiding and protecting the origin server's IP address, but also shortening the business latency and configuration response time to milliseconds through superior accelerator lines.

Intelligent Business Anti-Cheating Policy

WAF relies on Tencent's 19 years' experience in combating the underground industry and a library containing hundreds of millions of malicious blacklisted IP addresses, as well as high-precision custom rule settings, to effectively protect the normal business and filter out spam access in an intelligent, efficient manner.


Product Features

Web Application Firewall

WAF can effectively prevent SQL injection, XSS attacks, Trojan uploads, unauthorized access, and other OWASP attacks. It also supports custom defense rule settings using the IP address, URL, referer, POST, and other parameters.

Defense Against CC Attacks
DNS Hijacking Detection
Quick Integration with Anti-DDoS Capability
Zero-Day Vulnerability Patching
Protection Against Website Defacement

Application Scenarios

Government Websites

WAF allows for quick access and easy configuration. It can hide and safeguard the origin server to protect the website content from hackers attacking or tampering with it. It also guarantees the accuracy of website information, normally available government services, and smooth and satisfactory website access for the public.

e-Commerce Websites
Financial Websites
Prevent Data Leakage
Resist CC Attacks