Helps enable digitalized store management


YouMall is a smart store product based on machine vision and big data analytics and dedicated to digital transformation of brick-and-mortar stores. Through the collection and analysis of store data such as customer flow, shopping time, store and zone-specific customer group profiles, conversion, regional heat, traffic flows and sales associate management, YouMall presents information that could not be previously obtained to store operation and management personnel based on business logic, helping optimize product category adjustment, visual merchandising and inventory management.


Customer Traffic Statistics

Leveraging LBS big data capabilities and through the installation of cameras at store entrances and insides, YouMall collects statistics on commercial district customer traffic, passersby, store visitors and sales volume to perform conversion funnel analysis across the complete offline sales chain, providing data support for every link in the store optimization and conversion process.

Customer Group Profiling

YouMall utilizes facial recognition technology to identify visitors' basic information such as gender and age and profile visitors and buyers, making brick-and-mortar stores' inability to obtain customer profiles a thing of the past.

Store Heat Map

Utilizing the cameras in each store zone, YouMall realizes the analysis of zone-specific customer traffic and creates profiles of customers lingering the longest in each zone, helping you understand the preferences of different customer groups for each zone and the items sold there. Combined with zone-specific sales data, this allows for adjustment of shelf layout and product display for higher conversion rates.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Based on in-store image information collection and big data processing, YouMall analyzes the statistics of in-store traffic flow to reveal the most popular shopping routes and provides dynamic visualization pages for shopping malls and stores, thereby helping them optimize retail formats, shelf layouts and product display.

Sales Associate Management

Through facial recognition technology and companion algorithms, YouMall can identify the working hours of individual sales associates, number of customers guided by them and corresponding duration of service, enabling store managers to evaluate sales associates for their sales ability and work attitude in a more diversified way.


Store Compass

Based on Tencent's industry-leading image recognition and video capture capabilities, YouMall accurately identifies customers and outputs precise customer traffic statistics for specific time periods. Additionally, it uses big data analytics to generate heat maps of in-store customer traffic and count customers, prompting store managers to arrange for less or more sales associates accordingly in a timely manner.


Retail Format Optimization

YouMall helps shopping malls and department stores gain insights into the complete shopping cycle, from entering to browsing, tap into the synergy between different retail formats and stores, optimize store layout and brand promotion and improve customer stickiness in all aspects.

Category and Visual Merchandising Optimization

By understanding customers in every shopping stage from browsing to touching to buying, YouMall provides great guidance on optimizing category and aisle arrangements, shelf layouts, product selection and product display for stores like supermarkets, convenience stores or clothing shops, helping increase conversion rates.

Store Management Optimization

Utilizing information such as hourly customer traffic and sales associate efficiency, YouMall optimizes staff shift scheduling and improves management efficiency.