Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud Workload Protection offers various security protection services such as intrusion detection and vulnerability monitoring.


Tencent Cloud Workload Protection leverages the massive amount of threat data accumulated by Tencent Security and uses machine learning algorithms to provide security services such as intrusion detection and vulnerability alerts. Features offered includes password cracking prevention, suspicious login alerts, trojan detection, and high-risk vulnerability detection. It helps enterprises build a security protection system to deal with major network security risks.

AI-based Detection Engine

AI-based WebShell detection engine effectively detects encrypted and disguised malicious scripts.

Internet-wide Threat Intelligence

CWP leverages Tencent Cloud’s Internet-wide threat intelligence to detect hacker attacks in real time.

Fast Response to Vulnerabilities

With Tencent’s vulnerability response process, CWP can analyze a new vulnerability and develop a solution within 24 hours after it is detected. The component identification feature also enables CWP to quickly complete risk evaluation for assets across the Internet.

Tens of Billions of Samples

With the latest generation TAV anti-virus engine and the Tencent Hubble Analysis system integrated on the backend, CWP can promptly respond to unknown risks. TAV anti-virus engine has been proven and trained with massive numbers of malicious samples with Tencent PC Manager.

Low Resource Consumption

With self-developed lightweight agents, CWP carries out most of its computing and protection workload in the cloud, ensuring low consumption of server resources. In addition, quick deployment is supported with high compatibility with mainstream operating systems.

Intelligent Asset Management

CWP can automatically collect asset statistics, including servers, components, accounts, processes, and ports. Centralized data management helps you stay up to date on asset risks.

Trojan File Detection

CWP uses machine learning algorithms to detect malicious files such as WebShell backdoors and binary trojans. Detected files are access controlled and quarantined to prevent reuse.

Password Cracking Detection

CWP detects password cracking attempts, shares the malicious IP library, and automatically reports suspicious behaviors.

Vulnerability Detection

CWP provides real-time alerts and solutions for high-risk host vulnerabilities covering the system, application component, and web. This enables you to quickly respond to the issues.

Asset Component Identification

The component identification technology helps track the distribution of software, processes, and ports on servers, which enables you to achieve better asset management.

Login Behavior Audit

Login logs on the servers are collected for analysis, and alarms are triggered in real time when an illegal login takes place.


Applicable Scenario:

A company with Internet-based business is faced with daily intrusions by professional hackers and automated malicious attacks; however, its failure to implement effective advance warning and response has led to corporate data loss or service interruption.

Cloud Workload Protection Solution:

The intrusion detection of HS can quickly detect intrusions and scanning actions of hackers on the company’s servers and provide advance warning of such attacks.

Applicable Scenario:

A company worries about intrusion but lacks a professional security team to evaluate new vulnerabilities when they emerge.

Cloud Workload Protection Solution:

The vulnerability detection of HS helps the company monitor the impact of new vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge, and provides effective repair plans and security support for vulnerability elimination.

Applicable Scenario:

A company’s business grows rapidly, with its service software offered in different types and versions, but it cannot quickly comprehend the impact of new vulnerabilities.

Cloud Workload Protection Solution:

With the aid of the component management of HS, the server components can be quickly identified and grouped, helping create company asset component panoramas to improve the efficiency of contingency response.


CWP now provides the Basic edition for free. The paid Pro edition will be available soon. View more.