Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C

A cloud native database with high performance, storage capacity, and compatibility


Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C (TDSQL-C for short) is a new-generation enterprise-grade distributed cloud database developed by Tencent Cloud. It features high performance and availability and combines the strengths of traditional databases, cloud computing, and cutting-edge hardware technologies. It is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL and can provide a high throughput of over one million QPS and a massive distributed smart storage capacity of 128 TB, comprehensively ensuring data security and reliability.

High Compatibility

TDSQL-C is compatible with open-source database engines MySQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL 10, allowing queries, applications, and tools of existing databases to be smoothly migrated with almost no code changes required.

Ultra-High Performance

The ultra-high performance of a single node can sustain millions of QPS, which meets the requirements of high-concurrency and high-performance scenarios, ensures the continuity of key businesses, and provides better read/write separation and read/write scalability.

Massive Storage Capacity

TDSQL-C has a massive storage capacity of up to 128 TB in the serverless architecture and features auto scaling, fault checks, and repairs. It is pay-as-you-go, so you only need to pay for what you use. It helps you easily cope with the dynamic changes and continuous growth of your business data volume. In addition, it automatically maintains multiple data replicas to ensure data security and reliability.

Fast Recovery

Compute nodes are stateless and support failover and recovery within seconds. Even if the physical machine where a compute node resides is down, it can be recovered in less than one minute.

High Data Reliability

TDSQL-C clusters support security group and VPC network isolation and automatically maintain multiple replicas of data and backups to ensure data security and provide a data reliability of up to 99.9999999%.

Elastic Scalability

1–15 read-only compute nodes can be quickly added in a cluster within seconds, enabling fast response to business surges and fluctuations.


A VPC allows you to preconfigure an independent network space in the cloud and launch cloud resources in the virtual network you define. You can also create a VPN or Direct Connect connection between your IDC and the VPC to use Tencent Cloud as an extension of your IDC.

Security Group

A security group is a stateful virtual firewall that is equipped with filtering capabilities. An important means for network security isolation provided by Tencent Cloud, it can be used to set network access controls for one or more CVM instances.

Multiple Layers of Security Protection

TDSQL-C provides multiple layers of security protection for each database by default, helping defend against the traffic of various attacks and ensuring business continuity when internet access-enabled database instances are under DDoS attacks. It can efficiently block database attacks such as SQL injections and brute force attacks, significantly reducing business interruptions and losses resulting from such attacks.

Comprehensive Daily Monitoring

TDSQL-C has multiple core database performance metrics that support real-time monitoring at a 60-second granularity, helping you keep track of the health of your instances and quickly locate performance issues. The custom alarm feature is available for resource thresholds to help generate early warnings on operational issues in the database and avoid data losses. It promptly notifies Ops personnel when triggered, enabling them to quickly respond to database problems. Slow query analysis reports and complete SQL running reports can be downloaded to help you understand the factors affecting your database performance.

Granular Monitoring at the Second Level

15 core database performance metrics support real-time monitoring at the second level, helping you keep track of the health of your instances and quickly locate performance issues.

Database Logs

Slow query logs and error logs can be downloaded to help you understand the factors affecting your database performance.

  • Commercial database-grade high performance, high reliability, and low costs make TDSQL-C the best choice for mission critical businesses.
  • The multiple custom-developed kernel optimizations and enterprise-grade features of TDSQL-C ensure the high performance and stable operations of your business, helping R&D personnel better focus on the development of business logic.
  • TDSQL-C is compatible with open-source MySQL and PostgreSQL, helping you cloudify your business smoothly.

  • TDSQL-C features agile and flexible scalability, which means that you don't need to purchase storage capacity in advance. It can elastically upgrade/downgrade as needed for fast scaling within minutes and supports up to 128 TB pay-as-you-go storage capacity to easily manage business peaks.
  • TDSQL-C supports same-server-for-multiple-regions, eliminating the tedious operations of region and server merges.
  • TDSQL-C features fast snapshot backup and rollback, making it an ideal database for the internet and gaming industries.

TDSQL-C has two billing modes: monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go. Its prices vary by country/region. For more information on its billing description, specifications, and pricing, please see Billing Overview.