Game Multimedia Engine (GME)

A one-stop gaming voice solution for quick implementation of various gaming voice scenarios


Game Multimedia Engine (GME) is a one-stop gaming voice solution that provides various services such as voice chat, voice messaging, and speech-to-text conversion for gaming scenarios. It's applicable for many types of game, including FPS, MOBA, MMORPG, battle royale games, chess and card games, and online board games. It supports cross-platform communication of PC games, mobile games, console games and browser games. It can be easily integrated to meet diversified various gaming voice needs.

Wide Game Scenario Coverage

To comprehensively meet diversified voice needs in gaming scenarios, GME provides a rich set of services such as voice chat, voice messaging, and speech-to-text conversion to implement voice-enabled team battling, voice commanding, and other mainstream voice needs. Its proprietary 3D voice technology is ideal for creating an immersive gaming experience in scenarios such as battle royale and VR games. Moreover, it makes gaming even more enjoyable with its amusing voice changing templates (like the voice of a middle-aged man, little girl, or cool woman) and vocal beautification feature.

Ultimate Gaming Sound Effect Experience

GME optimizes voice chat in depth based on different game types. It reduces the end-to-end voice communication latency to 400ms and ensures smooth communication even in weak network environments with over 70% packet loss and 1,500 ms network jitter. Its patented algorithms for echo and ambient sound cancellation as well as noise and howling suppression help restore the crystal clear sound effect. Further, its deep integration with the Wwise sound engine ingeniously solves the problem where the background sound effects are lost when in-game voice is enabled.

Cross-Platform Communication

As a third-party voice development tool, GME has been officially authorized by Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. It provides SDKs to support integration with PS4/PS5, Xbox, and Switch games. It has been deeply optimized for mainstream game engines, including Unity, Cocos, and UE. In addition, it supports major operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Specifically, tuning has been done for over 2000 models of Android devices to ensure a consistent user experience across devices.

Global Service

GME is available in six continents globally, covering regions such as East Asia, South America, and Australia. Relying on its 2,800+ accelaration nodes deployed in more than 70 countries/regions, it enables nearby access to provide low-latency and non-lagging voice chat services. Its voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion features support 125 languages, implementing barrier-free communications among global players.

High Stability and Reliability

Based on the underlying audio and video technologies of QQ that have been verified by hundreds of millions of QQ users, GME serves thousands of global customers in the gaming industry and sustains voice calls of 1 billion minutes everyday on average. It features real-time monitoring, remote disaster recovery, and intelligent scheduling to ensure stable and reliable services and reduce the crash rate to below 0.01%. In addition, its 24/7 customer service and SLA guarantee achieve carefree business operations.

Cost-Effective Solution

GME has a simple API design which allows you to integrate the voice chat capability into games through four lines of code which helps to reduce time to market.


In e-sports games such as MOBA, FPS, and MMORPG, the battle conditions change rapidly and players in the same team need to communicate and discuss the defense strategies in real time accordingly. GME provides a smooth voice chat service with ultra-low latency, allowing players to better communicate and enjoy the fun of gaming. In addition, its unique 3D voice technology brings a virtual stereo sense to players' voice, which creates a 3D immersive gaming experience with better gameplay when used in battle royale games.

Various types of gaming scenarios such as game commanding, team battles, and large live rooms require low voice latency. GME features a commanding mode that enables players to automatically mic on/off in voice calls instantly with ultra-low latency, making it highly suitable for gaming voice scenarios with high numbers of concurrent players in commanding games.

GME allows players to send voice messages in public/friend channels in games. It supports speech-to-text real-time conversion and direct recording of short voice messages for the recipients to download and convert to text in 125 languages.

GME is well adapted to traditional Werewolf games and space Werewolf by providing various convenient features, including custom audio routing and quick multi-room switch. It helps implement complex gameplay scenarios such as voice control in the visible range and quick switch of player roles and talk directions in Werewolf games.

Use Cases
Arena of Valor

AOV is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studio Group. It is published by Tencent Games globally for iOS and Android. GME provides voice chat and voice messaging to enable players to communicate.

Sausage Man

Sausage Man is a survival shooter mobile game published by X.D. Network, which is extremely popular in China and many Southeast Asia countries/regions. GME provides the game with voice chat, 3D sound effects, and range voice features, applies the range voice technology in the battle royale mode, stably sustains high concurrency during multiple events, and guarantees an perfect gaming voice experience through the low-latency voice chat feature.

Contra Returns

Contra Returns is a classic Intellectual-Property game jointly developed by Tencent Games and Konami. It was first released in China and has gained extremely high popularity in the European and American markets after global release. GME provides voice chat and voice messaging services for the game, offering players a smooth gaming voice experience with ultra-low latency. In addition, through strict data isolation and privacy protection measures, GME helps the game business meet the compliance requirements in global markets.


JX1M is an MMORPG game published by VNG in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao. The voice chat and voice messaging features provided by GME brings VNG various benefits such as high concurrency and low latency, which comprehensively support the scheduled online battle events in the game.

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved is a globally bestseller MOBA game developed by NetDragon. GME provides it with superb voice chat services. In MOBA games, players have fierce battles, and members in the same team need to communicate with each other in real time through voice chat to discuss battle strategies. The benefits of low latency and low resource consumption of GME's voice chat feature nicely fits the needs of intense competitions in MOBA gameplay.

Industry Partners
GME and Wwise jointly developed a proprietary voice solution plugin. Its connection process is deeply integrated with the Wwise sound effect design process, helping you design and develop gaming sound effects and voice capabilities at one stop and easily integrate them into the gaming experience with no complicated technical transformations required. This plugin is now available at the official website of Wwise engine.
Nintendo Switch™
GME has been officially added to the third-party development tool and middleware list of Nintendo Switch™. Currently, it is the only Chinese voice development tool making the list. * Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch logo are trademarks of Nintendo.
GME is the only Chinese voice development tool making the third-party development tool and middleware list of PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 5. * "PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
GME and Cocos jointly developed a one-click voice control, with which you can quickly enable the GME voice service on the Cocos Creator panel and import the SDK to easily and efficiently integrate voice features.