Short Message Service

Fast, stable, easy-to-use short message service with wide coverage of 200+ countries and regions for easy access to users across the world


Bases on Tencent's over a decade of experience and technology accumulation in short message service, Tencent Cloud Short Message Service (SMS) provides high-quality verification code, notification and marketing text message services designed to help customers quickly and easily reach their end users around the globe for seamless business expansion. In addition, International Short Message Service (ISMS) offered by SMS supports messages in multiple languages and formats with wide coverage of 200+ countries and regions.

Global Reach

With ISMS, you can send messages from China or abroad to mobile numbers registered in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions overseas.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Through its collaboration with various direct connection channels around the world, ISMS can deliver more than 90% of messages in 10 seconds or less and provides first-class service quality and reliability. It supports various platforms with over 100 million users such as QQ and WeChat with a 99% delivery rate, enabling message delivery in just seconds.

Convenient Access

Simple and straightforward ISMS access documentations allow you to set up access in as quickly as ten minutes and launch the service in under one hour. ISMS can be accessed through many different channels such as the Tencent Cloud Console, API and SDK.

Smart Scheduling

Together with a great amount of dedicated carrier tunnels, the smart scheduling algorithm enables customers to easily cope with online traffic surges. Further, the performance of disaster recovery and backup features is guaranteed thanks to the multi-regional carrier deployment.

Real-time Monitoring

You are provided with timely delivery report after a message is sent. Multi-dimensional real-time monitoring and smart scheduling ensure the security and reliability of the message delivery service.

Statistical Analysis

Various multi-dimensional reports can be generated for a specified time period such as number of messages sent, delivery success rate, failure percentage and details, as well as delivery report details. You can also view the logs of messages delivered to an individual mobile number for a specified time period. These comprehensive data reports provide statistical analyses that aid efficient business decision-making.

Multiple Global Service Nodes

SMS provides global service nodes in Asia Pacific, Europe, and other regions to ensure data security and compliance, making your communication with the rest of the world more secure and less difficult.

Customizable Signatures

An SMS signature placed before the message content serves to identify the company or business sending the message. The company name, product name, website address, brand name, WeChat Official Account or Mini Program name and their corresponding abbreviations can be used in the signature.

Message Body Templates

The body of a message can contain a verification code, system notification, member marketing description or other content. The template can be customized with parameters (variables) to create personalized messages. The templates for China Short Message Service (CSMS) and GSMS can be used interchangeably.

Message Delivery

Once the body template and message signature are both approved, you can send messages via the console, Cloud SMS API or SDK.

Status Notifications

Once a message is sent, you can check the delivery status (success or failure) and the actual number of fragment messages in the console (variable parameters present in the message body template may impact the final number of fragment messages).

Unauthorized Usage Prevention

Tencent Cloud GSMS features alarms for excessive message traffic on each calendar day. As soon as the number of messages sent by a user in one single day exceeds the preset volume, the system will trigger alarms that notify the predefined alarm recipients, helping to reduce or avoid losses caused by potential unauthorized usage.

Statistical Reports

You can view the total number of sent messages and the delivery success rate for the current day, prior day, last seven days, last 30 days or a specified time period. You can also view the logs of messages delivered to a specific mobile number for a specified time period, the number of sent messages and the delivery rate of messages using a specific template for a specified time period and the delivery failure details, delivery report details and related analyses for a specified date or time period.


GSMS can send text verification codes (digits or digits and letters) to mobile numbers for signup, login, password authentication, payment confirmation and identity verification for apps or websites. It supports various platforms with over 100 million users such as QQ and WeChat and delivers 3+ billion China and international messages on a monthly basis.

GSMS can be used for lifestyle service notifications such as mobile payments, online shopping, bank card payments, account logins, suspicious logins, order confirmations, consumption reminders, shipment tracking, traffic violations and travel updates. It supports large capacity and high concurrence for enhanced security and reliability.

GSMS can be used to send operational or marketing messages on various topics such as user outreach, holiday greetings, new product launches, product sales, discount coupons, business promotions and event invitations, helping you precisely target users around the world.


Tencent Cloud Global/China SMS services are pay-as-you-go and billed daily. Prices differ by region and are listed in Pricing. Fees are charged according to the number of messages delivered. See Billing Overview for more details.