Tencent Kubernetes Engine

A stable, secure, efficient, elastically scalable and easy-to-use Kubernetes container management platform


Born out of the open-source Kubernetes system, Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) provides container-centric, highly scalable and high-performance container management services. Fully compatible with Kubernetes' native API and capable of expanding Tencent Cloud's Kubernetes plugins such as CBS and CLB, TKE supports containerized applications with a complete set of functions such as efficient deployment, resource scheduling, service discovery and dynamic scaling. Further, it ensures environmental consistency during user development, testing and OPS, making it easier to manage large-scale container clusters and helping users reduce costs and improve efficiency. TKE is free of charge, and other paid supplementary cloud products will be billed separately.

Ecosystem and Openness

TKE is fully compatible with the entire range of Kubernetes capabilities and has been adapted to Tencent Cloud's fundamental IaaS capabilities such as CVM and CBS. In addition, Tencent Cloud’s Kubernetes-based cloud products such as CBS and CLB support one-click deployment to container clusters for a variety of open source applications, greatly improving deployment efficiency.

Security and Reliability

TKE resides in a dedicated Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instance with computing resources exclusive to the tenant. The cluster runs on a VPC and supports custom security groups and network ACLs. TKE uses a distributed service architecture for management to enable automated failure recovery and rapid data migration. Combined with distributed storage of stateful service backends, it guarantees high service availability and data security.

Ease of Use

Thanks to TKE, you can simplify the management of large-scale clusters and management and OPS of distributed applications without having to use cluster management software or design fault-tolerant cluster architecture. Simply launch TKE and specify the tasks you want to run, and then TKE will take care of all of the cluster management tasks, allowing you to focus on developing Dockerized applications.

Efficient Deployment

TKE runs on a high-quality BGP network, enabling instant image download and upload, rapid launch of massive containers in seconds and improved container deployment efficiency. It can quickly build, test and package the submitted business code and deploy the integrated code to pre-release and production environments.

Flexible Expansion

TKE supports elastic cluster hosting, making it easy to schedule long-running applications and batch jobs to expand your business. It also integrates Load Balance and supports traffic distribution among multiple containers, enabling automated recovery of unhealthy containers and ensuring that the number of containers meets your needs for application support.

Low Cost

TKE itself is free to use, so you can build your cluster manager by calling the API in the container free of charge. Paid cloud service resources such as Cloud Virtual Machine and Cloud Block Storage created to store and run the applications will be billed according to relevant fee structures.

Cluster Management

TKE supports dynamic scaling of clusters and vertical scaling of nodes.

The nodes in the cluster are manageable and deployable across availability zones, and the containers in the service are schedulable across availability zones.

The nodes in the cluster are provided with a wide variety of indicators and support custom cluster alarm policies.

Service Management

Improved service deployment efficiency

Service version is controlled through templates, and the image guarantees environmental consistency, allowing for faster service migration.

Service discovery is supported. Services can be accessed through load balancing domain names or service names together with port number, circumventing the impact of IP changes when the service backend changes.

Micro-services are supported, reducing code maintenance costs and meeting rapidly changing business needs.

Dynamic scaling

The service is flexible and horizontally scalable to cope with rapid business changes.

Service containers can be deployed in seconds, and rolling upgrades enable uninterrupted business updates.

Secure operation

Containers can be automatically recovered upon failure and containers in the service can be deployed across regions, enabling fast migration.

Multiple forms of persistent storage are supported for stateful service data to ensure user data security.

Fast OPS

A wide variety of monitoring indicators enable quick analysis of service health and rapid response.

Custom monitoring alarms are supported for timely access to service status information.

Configuration Management

Manageable business configurations of different environments

Different environments for the same applications can be deployed, making it easy to update and roll back the applications.

Multiple versions are supported, but only new versions rather than modified versions are supported.

Speed and convenience

Configurations can be imported to the container as files with speed and ease.

Image Management

Official Dockerhub image management

Accelerated retrieval of official Dockerhub images is available.

Private image management

A secure and reliable private image repository is provided.

Fast image upload and download is achieved on a private network.

The images can be retrieved on a public network from any location.

While ensuring stable running of the services in the cluster, the container supports finer partitioning of host resources, allowing for as many container operations as possible and thus improving the cluster’s resource utilization.


TKE features elastic scalability at both the cluster and service levels. It can automatically scale up or down by monitoring container indicators such as CPU, memory and bandwidth based on the operation status of the business. Meanwhile, it can automatically scale the cluster according to the deployment conditions of the container when resources are insufficient or excessive.

For example, a web application can be split into a set of simpler external services and multiple sets of internal services.

The best-in-class DevOps environment enabled by continuous integration and delivery can greatly improve the release efficiency of software. Continuous integration focuses on construction and (unit) testing upon submission of new code by developers to check whether the new code can be properly packaged and integrated with the existing code. Continuous delivery deploys the integrated code to pre-release or production environments based on continuous integration.

TKE features elastic scalability at both the cluster and service levels. It can automatically scale up or down by monitoring container indicators such as CPU, memory and bandwidth based on the operation status of the business. Meanwhile, it can automatically scale the cluster according to the deployment conditions of the container when resources are insufficient or excessive.


Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) is free of charge. However, fees for other related products such as Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM), Cloud Block Storage(CBS) or Cloud Load Balance (CLB) may apply.

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