Tencent Push Notification Service

Tencent Push Notification Service (TPNS) is an efficient and reliable mobile notification service helping you reach and engage with your international users, especially those living in China.


Tencent Push Notification Service (TPNS) provides quick and reliable app push notifications. Its high delivery rate is backed by industry-leading technologies, stable push notification channels, unique dual services and channel sharing within Tencent. It can push 18 million messages every minute within just a few seconds and supports push notifications in applications such as Arena of Valor. Additionally, it can tag users precisely to enable accurate operations.

Session Keep-alive for High Delivery Rate

TPNS's dual service keep-alive is unique. It stabilizes message delivery, reduces power and traffic consumption, improves delivery and click-through conversion rate.

Multi-vendor Channels

TPNS has delivery channels for Chinese device manufactures such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Meizu, as well as international FCM vendors. It smartly selects optimal channels based on device brand, effectively improving delivery rate.

Diverse Types of Push Notifications

TPNS supports a diverse variety of push notifications. Use cases include company promotions, user activation and push notifications. Push notifications can be sent via console or API and can appear in status bar or applications. Redirection to apps, HTML5 pages and deep links are supported to satisfy different user experience designs.

Real-time Effect Analysis

TPNS provides push notification real-time analysis. Message delivery and click-through data are collected in real time and displayed visually in the console, helping you see monitor push notification results in real-time.

Precise Tags

TPNS provides system-defined and custom tags to achieve precise push notifications and optimal outcomes.

Multiple Push Notification Types and Methods

TPNS supports various push notification types to meet different industry and business demands. TPNS offers push notification bar messages and in-app push notifications. Redirection to apps, HTML5 pages and deep links when tapped are supported as well. Additionally, we offer scheduled and repeated push notifications to meet your demands in different use cases.

Vendor-specific Channels

TPNS supports the integration of mainstream vendor channels including Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Vivo and OPPO as well as Google’s FCM channel overseas. TPNS auto-selects the optimal delivery channel for mobile devices to implement system-level push for an improved delivery rate. It helps you push up to 300,000 messages per second via exclusive channels and deliver a message in milliseconds.

Session Keep-alive

TPNS features a unique dual service architecture for session keep-alive, which not only ensures stable delivery of messages, but also reduces power and traffic consumption, comprehensively increasing the delivery rate and click-through conversion rate. In addition, collaborative session keep-alive is implemented for all users, which significantly improves the push delivery rate.

Real-time Push Notification Analysis

TPNS provides push notification real-time analysis. Message delivery and click-through data are collected in real time and displayed visually in the console, helping you see push notifications results.


Notification Bar Messages

Push notification bar messages are best suited for promotions and operations. Customized and targeted push notifications can be sent to mobile devices in real time for better promotion results and user experience. It attracts users back to your apps so that you can retain your users and keep them active.

In-app Notifications

In-app notifications is best suited for personalized recommendations and accurate ad operations. It presents media content or recommendations in specified app interfaces. It also collects click-through data for push notification comparisons to facilitate business operations and user growth.

Precise User Grouping

Refined user tags can target specific user base, improving operational efficiency and user activity.


TPNS provides two billing options: monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go. Monthly subscription provides significant discounts, making it suitable for businesses with long-term stable needs. Pay-as-you-go is a daily billing option with no upfront payment, you only pay for what you use. It is ideal for businesses with fluctuating demands. Click here to see Pricing Overview.