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Cloud Object Storage
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Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a distributed storage service launched by Tencent Cloud. It has no structure restrictions and is accessible via HTTP/HTTPS protocols. It can store massive amounts of data in buckets featuring unlimited storage space and no partition management requirements, making it especially suitable for a variety of use cases such as data delivery for CDN, data processing for CI, and data lake for big data computation and analysis. Moreover, it provides a web-based console, multilingual SDKs and APIs, as well as command line and graphical tools. It is readily compatible with AWS S3 APIs, allowing direct access to community tools and plugins with ease.

Cloud Block Storage

Tencent Cloud Cloud Block Storage (CBS) provides a persistent block storage service for CVM instances. CBS automatically stores data in multiple redundant copies in an availability zone to eliminate the risk of single points of data failure, providing up to 99.9999999% data reliability. CBS offers cloud disks in multiple types and specifications to achieve stable and low-latency storage performance. CBS can be mounted to or unmounted from instances in the same availability zone, and its storage capacity can be altered in a few minutes, meeting elastic storage requirements. Payment is based on actual usage, and allowing you to enjoy all the above features at a low price point.

Cloud File Storage

Cloud File Storage (CFS) is a secure and scalable file sharing and storage solution. It can be used in conjunction with Tencent Cloud's servers, container service, and batch computing service. CFS provides multiple computing nodes with high-performance shared storage featuring scalable capacity and performance.

Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C

Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C (TDSQL-C for short) is a new-generation enterprise-grade distributed cloud database developed by Tencent Cloud. It features high performance and availability and combines the strengths of traditional databases, cloud computing, and cutting-edge hardware technologies. It is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL and can provide a high throughput of over one million QPS and a massive distributed smart storage capacity of 128 TB, comprehensively ensuring data security and reliability.

Cloud Connect Network

Tencent Cloud Cloud Connect Network (CCN) provides full-mesh interconnection services to help achieve cross-region multi-point interconnection in and outside the cloud. The intelligent scheduling and routing learning features of CCN help you build a fast, stable and cost-effective full-mesh interconnected link that can satisfy the high network speed requirements of scenarios such as online education, gaming acceleration and hybrid cloud.

Cloud Monitor

Cloud Monitor (CM) enables you to monitor and manage cloud products as well as configure and visualize your own custom monitoring metrics. Leveraging its three-dimensional, intelligent, real-time and personalized monitoring services, CM allows you to accurately understand the health of your business and cloud products in real time.

Tencent Cloud Conference

Tencent Cloud Conference can be widely used in business conferences, annual meetings, road shows, lectures, industry forums etc. Through face recognition, electronic business card, simultaneous interpretation, live video and other technologies, it brings efficient organization to your conference, and brings online, digital, and paperless experience.


Tencent Cloud CloudAudit is a service that enables you to perform supervision, compliance check, operational review and risk review of your Tencent Cloud account. CloudAudit allows you to log, continuously monitor and record account activities related to the operations in the entire Tencent Cloud infrastructure. It provides event history of your Tencent Cloud account activities, including operations performed through Tencent Cloud Console, APIs, command line tools and other Tencent Cloud services, which simplifies security analysis, resource change tracking and troubleshooting.
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