InstanceAn instance is a Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM), which is a virtual computing resource containing CPU, memory, OS, network, disks, and other basic computing components.CVM instances provide secure, reliable and elastic computing services in the cloud to meet computing requirements. As business demands change, computing resources can be scaled in real time to lower your software and hardware costs and simplify IT OPS work.


Welcome to Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM).CVM runs at the Tencent IDC and provides scalable computing services. It can be used to build and host software systems based on your business needs.CVM provides elastic computing, storage, and network resources. This API documentation describes APIs used in CVM, and provides samples about how to operate on CVMs, such as create, terminate, and restart CVM instances and adjust their bandwidth. For more information about supported operation


This document helps you quickly get started with Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instance. 1. OverviewTencent Cloud CVM is a scalable cloud computing service that frees you from estimation of resource usage and upfront investment. With Tencent Cloud CVM, you can start CVMs and deploy applications immediately.2. Learn about CVMSee the following doc

Offline Migration

OverviewService Migration is a platform developed by Tencent Cloud to help enterprises migrate operating systems, applications, and application data from a source server to a Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) or Cloud Block Storage (CBS). It helps meet enterprise needs for cloudification, cross-cloud migration, cross-account or cross-region migration, and hybrid cloud deployment.Service migration includes offline migration and online migrat

Migrating VMWare Virtual Machine Data to Tencent Cloud

1. Obtaining the Migration Tool Click here to obtain the compressed migration tool package.2. Choosing a Migration Mode Based on the Netw

CVM Login Failures

This document describes how to troubleshoot instance login failures after you purchase Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instances, helping you locate and resolve CVM login failures.This document describes how to determine possible causes of instance login failures after you purchase Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instances, helping you locate and resolve CVM login failures.Possible CausesThe following figure shows the pr

Select Billing Mode

Tencent Cloud provides the following billing methods for Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instances:Pay as you go is a flexible billing method for CVM instances. You can activate or terminate a CVM at any time, and you will be billed by the actual usage of the CVM. The billing granularity is accurate to second, and no up-front payment is required. A bill is generated every hour on the dot. This billing method is suitable for use cases such as an e-commerce flash sale

Cloud Physical Machine 2.0

This document introduces Cloud Physical Machine 2.0 and its instance specifications. Currently, Cloud Physical Machine 2.0 is in beta as a CVM instance type. Please submit an application if you wish to use this product.Cloud Physical Machine 2.0Physical Machine 2.0 is a high-performing bare metal instance built on the latest virtualization t

CVM Service Level Agreements

In order to use the Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine ( CVM ) service (the Service ), you should read and comply with this Cloud Virtual Machine Service Level Agreement (this Agreement , or this SLA ) and the Tencent Cloud Service Agreement. This Agreement contains, among others, the terms and definitions of the Service, level indicators of the Service availability and success rate, compensation plan

Security Group Use Cases

By configuring security groups, you can manage access to a Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM). You can configure inbound and outbound rules for security groups to specify whether your server can be accessed by or can access other network resources.The default inbound and outbound rules for security groups are as follows:To ensure data security, the inbound rule for a security group is a rejection policy that forbids remote access from external networks. To enable e
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