• Porn Audit

    Detect pornographic LVB contents through screenshots of live videos and automatic recognition of images to address the pain points in the industry such as overlooking in manual audit, failure of timely detection and high manpower cost

  • Sexuality Detection

    Detect sexy VJs through automatic recognition of LVB screenshots to help customers identify high-quality contents from excellent VJs in a more timely and comprehensive manner while enhancing the platform popularity

  • Anti-Porn Redirection

    Identify the LVB contents containing QQ or WeChat account images and return the porn suspicion level analyzed by Tencent to help customers prevent viewers from being redirected to a third-party platform

  • Malicious Text

    TianYu can identify malicious contents related to porn and ADs from user nicknames, comments (including on-screen instant comments) and other textual information on the LVB platform to help customers ensure the appropriateness of textual contents


Tencent Cloud Customers

Tencent Cloud LVB security solution is the first choice of industry-leading companies
  • Longzhu.com

    Online Game LVB


    As China's leading game LVB platform, Longzhu.com gains the ability to detect and cope with pornographic LVB rooms at the earliest possible time by leveraging TianYu LVB monitoring system

  • Douyu

    Online Game LVB


    Douyu provides high-definition, fast and smooth live video and game LVB services. Since connecting to TianYu LVB monitoring system, Douyu has detected a significantly increasing number of pornographic rooms and improved the efficiency of auditors, relieving the pressure brought about by the rapid growth of business

  • WeSing

    Online Karaoke LVB


    A top-ranking Karaoke App in China. With TianYu monitoring system, WeSing can quickly identify platform problems to effectively eliminate the overlooking in manual audit, failure of timely detection and other pain points.

  • Qzone LVB

    Online Entertainment LVB

    Qzone LVB

    Qzone LVB is a new LVB app developed by the Tencent Qzone team. By virtue of TianYu LVB monitoring system, it effectively identifies pornographic broadcasting rooms and ensures the timely detection of pornographic contents in LVB, thus creating and maintaining a sound LVB environment