One-stop VOD service with tens of thousands of distributed transcoding clusters and over 600 CDN nodes.

  • LVB

    Top-speed distribution in two seconds, millions of concurrent connections, quick publishing and player SDK for you to acquire LVB capability with ease.

  • ILVB

    Ultra-low delay of 400 ms, VJ-audience joint broadcasting and interaction, mainstream platform broadcasting SDK and brand-new LVB solution with various special effects.

  • IM

    Various communication services such as instant messaging, audio/video communication, PSTN voice communication, text/voice SMS, traffic services and much more.


Dedicated cloud services provide one-stop services

Complete VOD, LVB, ILVB and IM services are provided.

Video on Demand (VOD)

The service gathers Tencent's powerful video processing capabilities to provide one-stop VOD service. We provide customers with fast, reliable and secure video services such as flexible video uploading, quick transcoding, convenient publishing, custom player development, blacklist and whitelist and URL hotlink protection.
One-stop Transmission and Management Platform
Advanced Transcoding Cluster and CDN
Quick Publishing

Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)

Relying on Tencent's powerful technology platform, the service provides users with professional, stable and fast LVB access and distribution services, and fully satisfies the strict requirements for ultra-low delay and massive concurrent connections. It provides flexible HLS/RTMP access and distribution methods as well as flexible player SDK and statistical features.
Access to All Types of Video Sources
Integration of ILVB and VOD
Complete APIs and Statistical Features

Interactive Live Video Broadcasting (ILVB)

With the brand-new one-stop LVB solution, users can integrate audio/video broadcasting, viewing and interconnecting on multiple platforms via SDK so as to build one-to-many and many-to-many interactive LVB scenarios while enjoying an excellent audio/video quality at the same level as QQ Audio/Video and ke.qq.com.
Low Cost
Simple SDK Implantation
High Quality
Excellent Audio and Video Technology
Access Points Across the Whole World

Instant Messaging (IM)

The service supports various message types such as text, stickers, images, voice, geographic locations, files and custom messages. The number of groups can reach as high as a hundred million with 10,000 members in each group. Together with complete group management features, the service can satisfy various group chat requirements. It also supports self-owned and third-party account login systems (independent mode or hosting mode) and has complete profile relationship chain service system, as well as value-added services such as message sync, message roaming, PSTN voice communication and text/voice SMS service.
Complete Communication Service
Abundant Message Types
Highly Stable
Up to 99.99% Availability