Infrastructure Event Management

Dedicated support provided by technical experts to help manage large-scale events

Dedicated Support Services

Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) provides dedicated support important high-traffic events such as new application launches, marketing events, and version updates

  • Dedicated Service Team

  • Dedicated Technical Support

  • Fast Incident Response

  • Stable Performance and Execution

Service Details

Dedicated expert support to facilitate your business growth

Pre-Event Management

Based on your business needs, IEM will set up a dedicated project team and provide assessment reports for the needed Tencent Cloud resources

  • Dedicated Service Team

    Tencent Cloud will set up a dedicated service team to provide 24/7 OPS support for your Tencent Cloud resources during the event

  • Disaster Recovery Support

    Based on your business environments, IEM will provide disaster recovery plans at the system level

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    IEM will configure system monitoring for your key businesses, and provide assessment reports on resource usage and network protection capacity

  • Resource and Capacity Stress Tests

    Based on your business plans, IEM will conduct resource and capacity stress tests while generating output reports

  • Existing Resources Analysis

    IEM will provide diagnostic reports on your existing Tencent Cloud resources and create optimization plans

During Event Management

IEM offers 24/7 OPS support and incident responses in real time

  • Dedicated Technical Support

    IEM technical experts will provide dedicated on-site services and help coordinate multiple resources

  • Incident Response Plan

    IEM can respond to incidents within one minute and provide 24/7 OPS support

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    IEM provides dedicated 24/7 technical support

Post-Event Management

IEM will output overview reports

  • Overview Reports

    The reports include a diagnostic report on your existing Tencent Cloud resources, stress test report on resource capacity, optimization plan for issues detected during event management, system disaster recovery plan, security event monitoring report and troubleshooting plans (if any)

Division of Responsibility

Tencent Cloud and you shall fulfill respective responsibilities to ensure smooth delivery of IEM services

  • Tencent Cloud

    • Set up a dedicated service team.
    • Understand your business and prepare an implementation plan based on your actual needs.
    • Perform various IEM services as specified, such as healthcheck, resource assessment, and disaster recovery preparation. Provide optimization plans to ensure the smooth operation of your system.
    • Support system OPS and provide incident responses when necessary, including technical recommendations and solutions.
  • Customer

    • Confirm business needs (e.g., peak and concurrency).
    • Provide venues, devices, necessary non-production environment, remote access channels, and permissions to facilitate Tencent Cloud's provision of IEM services.
    • Assist Tencent Cloud in analyzing existing system issues and participate in the implementation process such as healthcheck, resource assessment, and disaster recovery preparation.
    • Execute optimization and scaling plans while performing related OPS.
    • Authorize Tencent Cloud to conduct vulnerability scanning and 24/7 security event monitoring.

Service Inquiry

This service is exclusive to customers on **Enterprise** or **Ultimate** support plans. For more information, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep.

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