Basic Auth Verification

Last updated: 2020-05-13 18:13:08

    This document describes the Basic Auth authentication methods of TPNS.

    For Basic Auth authentication with AccessId and SecretKey, the key is easy to be compromised and the security is not high. You are recommended to use signature authentication.

    Obtaining Key

    1. Log in to the TPNS Console and select Configuration Management on the left sidebar.
    2. Get Access ID and SECRET KEY from the Application Information column (only visible to root account).

    Generating Signature

    1. Generate a Request String
      This step generates a request string.
      The generation algorithm is: base64(Access ID:SECRETKEY), which adds a colon after Access ID followed by SECRETKEY to form a string and then perform base64 encoding on the string.
      For example:

    2. Perform Basic Auth verification and authentication
      Basic authentication is used, i.e., adding a field (key-value pair) to the HTTP Header:

      Authorization: Basic base64_auth_string

      For example:

      Authorization:Basic base64(150000****:cf43dac624820*****c1fe5fc993)