Token Package Upload API

Last updated: 2021-02-07 17:55:01

    API Description

    Request method: POST.

    Service address/v3/push/package/upload

    The API service address corresponds to the service access point one by one; therefore, please select the service address corresponding to your application service access point.

    Feature: you can upload a token package file for a batch of device tokens, and messages will be pushed by the tokens in it.

    Request Parameters

    Parameter Type Required Description
    file form-data Yes
  • Token package format and size: .zip, .txt, or .csv file within 100 MB
  • The .zip package can contain a single .txt or .csv file but not folders.
  • .txt file requirements: (1) encoded in UTF-8; (2) one token (36 characters) per row
  • .csv file requirements: (1) one column only; (2) one token (36 characters) per row
  • Response Parameters

    Parameter Type Required Description
    retCode Integer Yes Error code
    errMsg String Yes Error message when an error occurs in the request
    uploadId Integer Yes When a file is uploaded, the uploadId is returned as a positive integer, which represents the ID of the uploaded file. It is provided to the push API for Token package pushes

    Sample Request

    Curl sample

    curl -X POST 
    -H 'Authorization: basic application authorization information' 
    -F 'file=@C:\Absolute path of the uploaded file'

    Python sample

    import requests
    url = ""
    files = {'file':open('file name', 'rb')}
    upload_data={"fileName": "absolute file address"}
    headers = {
        'Authorization': "Basic application authorization information",
    response = requests.request("POST", url, data=upload_data, headers=headers, files=files, verify=False)


    For application authorization information, please see Basic Auth Verification.

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