API Category

Last updated: 2021-06-23 17:07:01

Session APIs

API Name Feature
CreateGameServerSession Creates game server session
DescribeGameServerSessionDetails Queries the list of game server session details
DescribeGameServerSessionPlacement Queries game server session placement
DescribeGameServerSessions Queries game server session list
DescribePlayerSessions Queries player session list
EndGameServerSessionAndProcess Terminates the game server session and the corresponding process
GetGameServerSessionLogUrl Gets the log URL of game server session
JoinGameServerSession Joins game server session
JoinGameServerSessionBatch Joins game server sessions in batch
SearchGameServerSessions Searches in game server session list
StartGameServerSessionPlacement Starts placing game server session
StopGameServerSessionPlacement Stops placing game server session
UpdateGameServerSession Updates game server session

Asset Package APIs

API Name Feature
UpdateBucketAccelerateOpt Sets COS global acceleration
UpdateBucketCORSOpt Sets COS CORS

Server Fleet APIs

API Name Feature
CopyFleet Replicates server fleet

Auto Scaling APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteTimerScalingPolicy Deleting a scheduled scaling policy
DescribeTimerScalingPolicies Queries the list of scheduled scaling policies
PutTimerScalingPolicy Creating or updating a scheduled scaling policy

Server Instance APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeInstanceTypes Obtains the list of CVM types in the specified region
GetInstanceAccess Gets credentials required for instance login
SetServerReserved Specifies whether to retain an exceptional instance for troubleshooting