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Merging Reserved Instances

Last updated: 2022-05-19 16:52:28


    You can merge multiple reserved instances into a single reserved instance with a larger normalization factor, so as to apply it to larger on-demand instances.

    Rules and Limits

    ● The original reserved instances are in the Activated status.
    ● The original reserved instances are in the same availability zone.
    ● The payment methods for the original reserved instances are the same.
    ● The original reserved instances have the same operating system (Windows/Linux) and expiration time.
    ● Merging the 1C1G, 1C2G, and 2C4G reserved instances is not supported.
    ● You can modify the instance size but not the instance family.
    ● Modifying the region or availability zone of a reserved instance is not supported.
    ● The total normalization factors of destination reserved instances must be equal to that of the original reserved instance.
    ● Make sure the CPU:MEM ratio is the same before merging.


    1. Log in to the CVM console;
    2. Click Reserved Instances in the left sidebar;
    3. On the Reserved Instances page, find the original reserved instances and click Merge under the Operation column;
    4. In the pop-up window, select the reserved instances to be merged, and enter a new name for the destination reserved instance.

    Execution Result

    After merging, the original reserved instances enter the Expired status, while the new reserved instance is in Activated status.


    Normalization factor: It indicates the CPU performance of an instance. For the splitting and merging of reserved instances, the normalization factor is calculated based on the number of vCPUs.
    Sum of normalization factor = Normalization factor of the instance size × Instance quantity. The sum of normalization factors must keep the same as the one before splitting.

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