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Reserved Instance User Guide

Last updated: 2021-12-13 17:07:08


    This document describes how to use RIs.


    1. Currently, RIs are only offered to beta users. To use it, go to the RI beta application page and submit an application to be a beta user.
    2. You have already logged in to CVM console and are in the Reserved Instance page.


    1. Creating RIs
      For more information, see Creating Reserved Instance.

    2. Viewing RIs


    Choose the region where the RI you want to view resides.
    On this page, you will see the following information: Reserved Instance ID/Name, Status, Region, Availability Zone, Instance Type, Specifications, Operating System, Number of RIs, Payment Type, Effective Date, and Expiry Date. You can also refer to Reserved Instance Billing Mode and Overview for RI attributes.

    You can click in the upper right corner to select the displayed fields in the pop-up Display Settings window, as shown below:


    1. Searching RIs
      You can search for Rls by instance ID, RI name, status, instance type, specification, and payment type.
      To search for an RI, enter keywords in the search box and click . Alternatively, you can first select a filter (such as instance ID), enter keywords, and click , as shown below.


    1. Checking RI discounts
      Click View Bill to see the discount details of the selected RI.


    1. Creating CVM instances from RI
      For more information, see Creating CVM Instances from Reserved Instance.
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