Fee descriptions for cloud disk type adjustment

Last updated: 2019-10-16 20:53:09

Tencent Cloud’s Cloud Block Storage (CBS) supports the adjustment of storage disk types while business is in operating status. By adjusting the cloud disk type, you can respond flexibly to business requirements for storage performance at different times. For more information on preconditions, precautions, and specific operations of adjusting cloud disk types, see Adjusting cloud disk types.
Currently, adjustment of cloud disk types only supports upgrading elastic cloud disks. It does not support downgrading. Details are as follows:

  • A HDD cloud disk can be adjusted to premium cloud storage or SSD cloud disk.
  • A premium cloud storage can only be adjusted to SSD cloud disk.
  • A SSD cloud disk cannot be upgraded currently.
  • After you adjust pay-as-you-go cloud disk types, pricing will be based on the new configuration.

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