LIMIT Syntax

Last updated: 2021-12-31 15:25:30

    This document introduces the usage and examples of the LIMIT syntax.

    The LIMIT syntax is used to limit the number of rows in the output result.

    Syntax Format

    CLS supports either of the following types of LIMIT syntax:

    • Read the first N rows:
      limit N
    • Read N rows starting from row S:
      offset S limit N

      • In page turning read, LIMIT is only used to obtain the final result, not the intermediate result of the SQL statement.
      • The LIMIT syntax cannot be used in subqueries. Example:
        * | select sum(pv) from 
        select count(1) as pv from log group by status 


    • Get the first 10 rows of results:
      * | select status, count(*) as pv group by status limit 10
    • Get the results for rows 3 to 42 (40 rows in total):
      * | select status, count(*) as pv group by status offset 2 limit 40


    Number of analysis resultsEach analysis returns up to 10,000 results.Default: 100; Maximum: 10,000