Last updated: 2021-10-25 15:32:12

    This document introduces the usage and examples of the ORDER BY syntax.

    The ORDER BY syntax is used to sort analysis results by a specified column name.

    Syntax Format

    ORDER BY column name [DESC | ASC]

    • You can specify multiple column names to sort analysis results in different sorting modes, for example, ORDER BY column name 1[DESC | ASC], column name 2[DESC | ASC].
    • If you do not specify the keyword DESC or ASC, the system sorts the query and analysis results in ascending order.
    • If the target column for sorting contains duplicated values, the sorting result may be different each time. If you want the sorting result to remain the same in each sorting, you can specify multiple columns for sorting.

    Parameter descriptions:

    Parameter Description
    Column name Sort data by log field name (KEY) or aggregate function calculation result column.
    DESC Sort data in descending order.
    ASC Sort data in ascending order.


    • Count the number of requests in different states and sort them in descending order by the number of requests:
      * | SELECT status, count(*) AS pv GROUP BY status ORDER BY pv DESC
    • Calculate the average request time for each server and sort them in ascending order:
      * | SELECT remote_addr, avg(request_time) as request_time group by remote_addr order by request_time ASC LIMIT 10