LogListener Updates

Last updated: 2021-06-30 10:59:33

This document describes CLS LogListener versions.


  • Multi-line - full regular expression collection mode is available starting from LogListener v2.4.5.
  • LogListener auto upgrade is available starting from LogListener v2.5.0.
  • Uploading parsing-failed logs is available starting from LogListener v2.5.2.
  • You are advised to install or upgrade to the latest version for a better user experience.
VersionChange TypeDescription
v2.5.9Bug fixFixed the issue in the resource limit policy.
v2.5.8Bug fix
  • Fixed the issue that removing a directory soft link affects the collection of other directory soft links that point to the same target.
  • Fixed the issue that files in a directory cannot be collected if a soft link of the directory is removed and the same soft link is created again.
v2.5.7Bug fix
  • Fixed the (new) issue that logs will be collected again when the log file size is larger than 2 GB.
  • Fixed the issue where renaming too many files will cause the program to malfunction.
  • Fixed the issue where specified fields cannot be updated under log collection monitoring.
v2.5.6Bug fixFixed the issue that under specific use cases, the collected program cannot be triggered.
v2.5.5Experience optimization
  • Optimized metadata checkpoints for collection to guarantee no data will lose due to restart.
  • Supports resource limit configuration and overrun handling for memory, CPU, and bandwidth.
v2.5.4New featureAdded support for log collection monitoring.
Experience optimizationEnhanced memory overrun handling: LogListener will be automatically loaded when memory overrun lasts for a period of time.
Bug fix
  • Fixed the issue where the collection configuration cannot be pulled and the collection operation is blocked when the regular expression processing malfunctions.
  • Fixed the issue where some logs cannot be collected when the "inotify" event queue overflows.
  • Fixed the issue where some files will be recollected when multiple files are renamed at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where logs are shipped to an incorrect log topic during log rotation.
v2.5.3Bug fixFixed LogListener exceptions caused by memory issues.
v2.5.2New featureAdded support for uploading parsing-failed logs.
Bug fixFixed a blocklist bug. Now the blocklist FILE mode supports wildcard filtering.
v2.5.1Experience optimizationEnhanced the handling when breakpoint metadata could not be found in the collection file.
v2.5.0New feature
  • Added support for automatic LogListener upgrade.
  • Added support for automatic LogListener start in Ubuntu operating system.
v2.4.6Bug fix
  • Fixed the issue where there was residual data in the cache after the collection configuration was changed.
  • Fixed the issue where file collection with a soft link pointing to the `realpath` file was affected when an `IN_DELETE` event that deletes the soft link was being processed.
  • Fixed LogListener crashes when collecting the same source file via the file’s soft link and the directory’s soft link at the same time.
v2.4.5New featureAdded support for `multiline_fullregex_log` log collection.
v2.4.4Bug fixFixed the issue of inaccurate log time caused by the msec feature.
v2.4.3New featureAdded support for automatically checking the log format (logFormat).
v2.4.2Bug fixFixed the issue of cache eviction of related configurations when pulling configurations under Tencent Cloud container scenarios.
v2.4.1New featureAdded support for collecting logs in milliseconds.
Bug fixFixed exceptions due to no line break data in user logs.
v2.4.0New featureAdded support for instance-level process monitoring.
v2.3.9New featureAdded support for blocklisting collection paths.
Bug fixFixed the memory leak issue due to outdated Boost library.
v2.3.8New featureAdded support for multi-path log collection.
v2.3.6Bug fix
  • Fixed the issue where collection stopped due to invalid key value.
  • Fixed the memory leak issue due to request failures with the error code 502 returned.
v2.3.5New featureAdded support for log context search.
Bug fix
  • Fixed the issue where log collection stopped when logs were uploaded but authentication failed in the static configuration mode.
  • Fixed the issue where dynamic configurations were no longer read after the memory exceeded the threshold in the dynamic configuration mode.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes log collection repeated when the log production speed was too high during log rotation.
  • Fixed the memory leak issue caused by multiple failures to upload logs.
v2.3.1Bug fix
  • Optimized memory limit.
  • When the memory limit was reached, requests lasting over 3s were considered as timed out.
v2.2.6New featureAdded support for configuring private domain names and public domain names separately.
Bug fixFixed LogListener exceptions caused by `getip`.
v2.2.5New featureAdded support for Tencent Cloud COC environment deployment.
Bug fixFixed the issue of core loss or corruption caused by `getip`.
v2.2.4Experience optimization
  • Changed the commands for installation and initialization to the subcommands `install` and `init` of `tools/loglistener.sh` respectively.
  • Changed the command for restart to `/etc/init.d/loglistenerd start|stop|restart`.
v2.2.3Experience optimizationRenaming or creating logs during log rotation will not cause log loss.
v2.2.2Experience optimizationA log greater than 512 KB will be automatically truncated.
Earlier versions-
  • v2.2.2 added support for collection by full regular expression.
  • v2.1.4 added support for full text in multi lines.
  • v2.1.1 added support for log structuring.