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Action Settings

Last updated: 2022-07-01 17:01:20
  1. Log in to the WAF console and select Configuration Center > Bot and Application Security on the left sidebar.
  2. On the page that appears, select a domain name and click Bot management.
  3. In the bot management module, click Action score.
  4. Configure the action score to control access more precisely.

Configuration description

  • Mode: It provides Loose, Moderate, Strict and Custom modes to identify and combat bots, where Loose, Moderate, and Strict modes are preset in the setting, and can be edited to Custom mode.
  • Score range: The score range is between 0 and 100. The configured range is closed on the left side and open on the right side. Up to 10 entries can be added, and the score range of each entry cannot be the same. When the score range is left empty, no actions will be taken.
  • Action: It can be set to "Trust", "Monitor", "Redirect" (redirecting the access request to the specified URL), "CAPTCHA" (verifying the access request with verification codes) or "Block".
  • Tag: It can be set to "Friendly bot", "Malicious bot", "Normal traffic" or "Suspicious bot".
    • Friendly bot: It tags traffic generated by bots that are friendly and legitimate to websites.
    • Suspicious bot: It tags traffic generated by bots that may be bad to websites.
    • Normal traffic: It tags traffic generated by human access.
    • Malicious bot: It tags traffic generated by bots that are malicious to websites.
  1. After the setting is complete, click Publish to make the setting take effect.
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