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CBS Postpaid price (USD/GB*hour)
HDD Cloud Storage High-performance Cloud Disk SSD Cloud Disk
USD $0.0001 USD $0.0002 USD $0.0003

Disk Type

CBS volume type HDD Cloud Storage
(HDD Cloud Storage)
HDD-SSD Fusion Cloud Storage
(HDD-SSD Fusion Cloud Storage)
SSD Cloud Storage
(SSD Cloud Storage)
Description Low-cost HDD volume type suitable for normal workloads Hybrid medium volume type that balances price and performance for core workloads SSD volume type suitable for core transactional workloads that are latency-sensitive
Typical use cases Big data, data warehouse, log processing Business logic processing, applications with low latency Relational databases and NoSQL databases
Data persistence 99.999999% 99.999999% 99.999999%
Disk size 10 GB - 16 TB 50 GB - 4 TB 100 GB - 4 TB
Maximum IOPS for single disk 1000 4500 24000
Maximum throughput for single disk 100 MB/sec 130 MB/sec 260 MB/sec
Access latency <10 ms <3 ms <3 ms