Content Delivery Network

Fast and reliable delivery of content


Tencent Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a new layer of network architecture added to the existing Internet comprised of Tencent Cloud high-performance cache nodes. These nodes store your business content according to a specified caching strategy, and when your end user makes a request for the content, the request is routed to the node closest to the user for fast response, effectively reducing user access latency and improving service availability.


Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud boasts 1,100+ cache nodes across China deployed with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and more than a dozen small and medium-sized ISPs with a total of 100+ Tbps bandwidth, and 100+ nodes in over 50 countries and regions outside Mainland China, effectively solve issues with high cross-regional access latency.

Smart Scheduling

CDN nodes deployed in each region with each ISP are monitored in real time by utilizing checkpoints throughout China to periodically access the monitoring files. Tencent Cloud's proprietary GSLB scheduling system, paired with network-wide real-time monitoring data, accurately routes user requests to the optimal access nodes.

Comprehensive Protection

CDN supports full-linkage HTTPS encrypted transfer. Further, you can apply for free certificates or purchase paid certificates in Tencent Cloud or upload your own certificates to CDN for deployment. HTTPS acceleration can ensure data security and prevent content hijacking.

Access Control

CDN supports self-service configuration of access control policies through the console or API based on referer and client IP access control policies that can limit IP access frequency and bandwidth to effectively resist content hotlinking and CC attacks.

One-click Access

After adding a domain name, simply add the corresponding CNAME record at the domain name service provider to enable access, with no adjustments on the business side required. The console has more than a dozen self-service configuration items in the form of APIs for diversified management. Traffic, bandwidth, access counts and popular resources can be analyzed in real time to help you understand business fluctuations instantly.


CDN offers a wide variety of powerful features to help you achieve a better content delivery acceleration experience.
Access Control

You can set an access limit and create blacklists/whitelists for referer, IP, and UA (in beta) to block specific requests. A wide selection of timestamp-based hotlink protection rules is available to prevent unauthorized use of your resources and avoid potential losses.


Static Content Acceleration

Tencent's proprietary GSLB scheduling system precisely routes user requests to the optimal cache node with high-QPS clusters, allowing for fast response to massive volumes of requests made to static pages and images, reducing access latency and improving user experience.

Download Acceleration

Tencent's proprietary GSLB scheduling system precisely routes user requests to the optimal cache node, ensuring a fast and stable download experience by pushing the download resources to all nodes in advance.

Audio and Video on Demand Acceleration

CDN's powerful global acceleration capabilities help deliver video content on websites to all end users with speed, accuracy and reliability. Paired with Cloud Object Storage (COS) for storing massive amounts of image and video files, static CDN acceleration can effectively shorten content loading times and improve user experience.


CDN is postpaid based on the daily bandwidth or traffic, i.e. the total consumption generated between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 on one day will be calculated and billed on the following day. You can choose the appropriate billing method according to your business needs. View more.