Content Delivery Network

A fast, stable, intelligent, and secure content delivery acceleration service


Tencent Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a delivery acceleration service that enables nearby access for end users by delivering content to cache nodes deployed worldwide. The globally distributed network reduces network jitters and latencies, effectively improving download speed, responsiveness and overall user experience.


Massive Acceleration Resources

Tencent Cloud CDN has massive acceleration resources distributed in 70+ countries and regions with a combined bandwidth of over 150 Tbps. It has over 2,000 cache nodes in Mainland China on China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and more than a dozen of small and medium ISPs. It also has over 800 cache nodes outside Mainland China, which provide stable and fast acceleration services to improve your service availability.

Intelligent Scheduling

Tencent Cloud's self-designed GSLB scheduling system, paired with a unique network-wide real-time monitoring system, accurately routes user requests to optimal access nodes, ensuring high access quality.

Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud boasts 1,100+ cache nodes across China deployed with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and more than a dozen small and medium-sized ISPs with a total of 1000+ Tbps bandwidth, and 100+ nodes in over 50 countries and regions outside Mainland China, effectively solve issues with high cross-regional access latency.

Monitoring and Alarming

CDN provides comprehensive real-time monitoring services for access/origin-pull traffic, bandwidth, requests, hit rate, and specific status codes at the minute level. This gives you a real-time overview of your CDN service status and helps you monitor origin servers status. Alarm policies can be configured as needed in Cloud Monitor, enabling you to stay up to date with business fluctuations.

Data Analysis

CDN enables you to view various reports such as active IP statistics, user access region distribution, and ISP distribution via log streaming. In addition, access logs can be downloaded for customized analysis.

Ease of Use

After you activate CDN and connect a domain name, you simply need to add a corresponding CNAME record at your domain name service provider to enable the acceleration. No additional changes to your business is required. The CDN Console offers dozens of features such as access control policy configuration, node cache expiration time adjustment, HTTP request optimization, and HTTPS certificate configuration.


CDN offers a wide variety of powerful features to help you achieve a better content delivery acceleration experience.
Access Control

You can set an access limit and create blocklists/allowlists for referer, IP, and UA to block specific requests. A wide selection of timestamp-based hotlink protection rules is available to prevent unauthorized use of your resources and avoid potential losses.


Static Content Acceleration

Tencent's proprietary GSLB scheduling system precisely routes user requests to the optimal cache node with high-QPS clusters, allowing for fast response to massive volumes of requests made to static pages and images, reducing access latency and improving user experience.

Download Acceleration

Tencent's proprietary GSLB scheduling system precisely routes user requests to the optimal cache node, ensuring a fast and stable download experience by pushing the download resources to all nodes in advance.

Audio and Video on Demand Acceleration

CDN's powerful global acceleration capabilities help deliver video content on websites to all end users with speed, accuracy and reliability. Paired with Cloud Object Storage (COS) for storing massive amounts of image and video files, static CDN acceleration can effectively shorten content loading times and improve user experience.


Tencent Cloud CDN offers two pay-as-you-go daily billing options, bill-by-bandwidth and bill-by-traffic. You can select the billing mode that best suits your business needs. Please see the billing documentation for details.