Virtual Private Cloud

A stable, flexible and secure private network space in the cloud that offers a full range of network solutions


The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) helps you build independent network space in Tencent Cloud and allows you to customize network segment classification, IP addresses, and routing policies. You can establish VPN tunnels through the public network/direct connection to connect the private network to other cloud resources, thereby flexibly deploying hybrid clouds.


High Availability

Leveraging sophisticated technologies such as network virtualization, linkage redundancy, master/slave gateway and VPC-based cross-availability zone deployment, Tencent Cloud ensures high network availability and comprehensively protects network security and reliability at the linkage, network and IDC levels.

Complete Isolation

Utilizing overlay technology, Tencent Cloud helps you build a completely isolated private network environment with 100% logical isolation of different VPCs, meeting the security isolation needs of your businesses.

Diversified Access

VPC provides you with various ways of network access to connect your local IDC to Tencent Cloud resources, such as Direct Connect and VPN Connections.

High-performance Internet

Tencent Cloud enables ultra high-performance Internet access through NAT Gateway which supports up to 10 million concurrent connections, helping you easily break through bottlenecks with Internet access performance. Additionally, NAT gateways can be used alongside other Tencent Cloud products such as elastic Load Balance and Anycast Internet Acceleration for an improved business access experience.

Multi-dimensional Security

VPC supports multi-dimensional network security control. Resource access control at the port and instance levels can be achieved through network ACLs and security groups, and minimum account permissions can be granted through CAM, helping you achieve comprehensive network security enhancement.

Visual Management

VPC supports visualization of network topology which can monitor network status in real time, set traffic alarms and help you easily manage networks in a comprehensive and intelligent manner together with Flow Logs.

Elastic Scalability

Tencent Cloud supports elastic scaling of VPC, eliminating the need to purchase, install and debug additional network devices, allowing for flexible scaling of network resources as business scale changes and helping with business development.

Optimal Costs

Most functions of VPC are available free of charge, allowing you to enjoy high-standard IDC-grade network resources without the need to purchase additional dedicated network devices. For optimal configurations, Tencent Cloud offers a variety of flexible billing methods and packages.

Service Integration

VPC can be deeply integrated with most Tencent Cloud services such as CVM, CDB and TBDS to provide you with a complete cloud solution.


Software-defined Network

The IP address range, subnet IP address range and routing strategies of VPC can be customized through the Tencent Cloud console or API. VPC can be further divided into multiple subnets for deployment of applications and services. The deployment and OPS of underlying network devices and optimization of network performance are maintained by Tencent Cloud's professional technical team, allowing you to focus on defining instantly available networks with software to build transparent, agile and intelligent networks with ease.


High-performance In-cloud Network

High-traffic Video and Live Broadcasting Business

A cloud-based interactive live broadcasting platform can be easily built, which supports real-time transmission of over 100 GB of video, satisfies live broadcasting needs of one-to-many elastic transcoding on private networks and ensures a smooth user experience in different scenarios.

● With the help of VPC, a high-performance 10 Gbps cloud network can be built which supports one-to-many transcoding.

● High-bandwidth elastic IP supports transmission of over 3 GB of video.

● Bandwidth sharing among multiple IPs can be achieved based on Bandwidth Package to reduce costs.

In-cloud Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Business

The IoT service architecture built in Tencent Cloud makes it easy to process billions of connection requests generated by numerous devices in the sharing economy such as shared power banks, shared bicycles and unmanned stores.

● CLB supports high volumes of concurrent requests to meet massive IoT demands.

● Over 35 BGP lines fulfills access by IoT devices in any region.

● NG protects private network resources when accessing the Internet.

In-cloud Business Acceleration

Gaming Acceleration

Online games typically have players all over the world and servers deployed in multiple regions. PC makes it easy for games to cope with network latency-sensitive scenarios such as cross-server PvP battles to improve the player experience.

● PC can build stable networks with low latency, meeting the cross-server gaming needs of global players.

● Tencent Cloud boasts 45 availability zones across 25 geographical regions around the world, allowing for proximity-based business deployment that satisfies the access needs of players in different regions.

2-region-3-DC Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

2-region-3-DC Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

PC enables you to build a VPC-based 2-region-3-DC disaster recovery scheme that meets the security and high availability needs of in-cloud financial services.

● Businesses can be deployed across regions, allowing for an intra-city active-active disaster recovery.

● PC also supports cross-region disaster recovery.

● Security isolation of business regions is made possible by multi-level security protection based on ACL, security group and CAM.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Building a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Multiple cloud IDCs can be built in Tencent Cloud and then connected to local IDCs through Direct Connect or VPN Connections, creating a hybrid cloud that enables cloud-based disaster recovery and elastic business deployment.

● Multi-link access through VPN Connections/Direct Connect.

● Elastic business deployment in the cloud to navigate business changes with ease.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is free of charge. However, fees for other related products such as NAT Gateway, VPN Connection, Peering Connection may apply. View more.