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Last updated: 2022-01-07 10:09:28

    How is Tencent Cloud Weiling billed?

    Currently, Tencent Cloud Weiling is a prepaid service. It supports connection to multi-tenancy public cloud, Tencent Cloud Enterprise (TCE), and private cloud environments. For more information, please contact customer service.

    What types of buildings is Tencent Cloud Weiling suitable for?

    Tencent Cloud Weiling is an OS for the building industry and can be combined with different application systems to form appropriate solutions for different building types; for example:

    • Commercial complex: Tencent Cloud Weiling can fully upgrade the operations mode for digital targeted marketing, helping merchants attract customers at low costs.
    • Office building: Tencent Cloud Weiling can reduce building energy consumption and improve management efficiency and service quality to provide a secure, comfortable, eco-friendly, and efficient office environment.

    Can I use Tencent Cloud Weiling to make existing buildings smart?

    Yes, but it requires certain workload of device and application connection. For more information, please contact customer service.

    What devices can Tencent Cloud Weiling connect?

    • It can connect signaling and audio/video devices to meet the requirements of diverse industries and fields such as smart access control, smart lighting, energy consumption monitoring, elevator control system, environmental monitoring, and smart fire prevention.
    • It supports both directly connected devices and devices connected through gateways. The former includes smart gateways and audio/video devices, and the latter includes devices in various industries such as smart lighting, power supply and distribution, energy consumption, environmental monitoring, and energy management.
    • It can be connected by hardware devices on multiple operating systems such as Linux, Android, RTOS, and Windows.
    • It is compatible with common communication protocols such as TCP/IP, 2/3/4G, MQTT, NB-IoT, and Zigbee.
    • It supports multiple connection methods such as connection through SDKs, protocols, and edge gateways.

    What capabilities can Tencent Cloud Weiling provide in the early phase of building operations?

    The Tencent Cloud Weiling building expert team provides consultation services. For more information, please contact customer service.

    What applications can Tencent Cloud Weiling connect?

    • Professional applications in buildings and building subsystems.
    • AI applications.
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