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Version Check

Last updated: 2022-05-23 16:34:56

    MySQL/TDSQL for MySQL Check Details

    • Check requirements: the target database version must be above or equal to the source database version, and all versions in migration and sync tasks must meet the version requirements.
    • Check description: here, the versions are differentiated by the major version number; for example, v5.6.x supports migration or sync to v5.6.x, v5.7.x, and above. The last digit is the minor version number, which is not restricted; for example, v5.6.5 can be migrated or synced to v5.6.4, but there may be compatibility issues.

    PostgreSQL Check Details

    • Versions below PostgreSQL 10.x (such as 9.x) do not support full + incremental migration. If an incremental migration task is configured for the source database, the verification will fail.

    • If the versions are different, there may be some special compatibility issues, and a warning will be displayed during migration. You can read the compatibility report of each version to check whether your business uses some incompatible features.

    MongoDB Check Details

    The source and target database versions must be supported by MongoDB.

    SQL Server Check Details

    Only migration from Basic Edition to High Availability Edition (including Dual-Server High Availability Edition and Cluster Edition) is supported, and the version number of the target database must be above that of the source database.


    Check the source and target databases as instructed in Databases Supported for Data Migration and Databases Supported for Data Sync. If the source or target database version is not supported, upgrade the target database version or use a database instance on a higher version.

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