CVM Dedicated Host

Physically isolated cloud computing service with exclusive resources


Tencent Cloud CVM Dedicated Host (CDH) provides you with exclusive physical server resources that meet the requirements for resource exclusivity, physical isolation, security and compliance. CDH is equipped with Tencent Cloud's virtualized system. Once purchased, CDH can help you flexibly create and manage multiple Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instances with custom specs and plan the use of physical re-sources.


Exclusive Resources

CDH provides physical machine-grade exclusive resources which can be inde-pendently planned for use to avoid competition from resources of other tenants. CDH can be purchased in just minutes through Tencent Cloud Console or API.

Security and Compliance

CPU, memory, disk and network resources are all dedicated to one single tenant. Physical machine-grade resource isolation provides sensitive business data protection and disk demagnetizing capabilities to meet the firm regulatory requirements in the finance industry.

Independence and Flexibility

CVM instances can be allocated to the specified CDH and independently planned for the use of host resources. The instance specs support customization, allowing for flexible configuration and breaking the limitations of server specs to ensure business performance while making full use of physical server resources.

Inherent CVM Features

An exclusive server is a CVM instance created on CDH that supports various CVM functions such as images, security groups, configuration adjustments and SSH keys. Further, these functions can be used just like with an ordinary CVM instance.

Light Assets

On-demand purchase, minute-level delivery and Tencent Cloud OPS services with unified standards ensure stable resource operation without having to concern over underlying OPS, reducing labor and OPS costs and allowing you to focus on core businesses.


CDH offers physical servers equipped with a virtualized environment. Once pur-chased, CDH can help you flexibly create and manage multiple exclusive CVM in-stances with custom specs.
Host Type

Variety of Models and Specs

There are four CDH options currently being offered: standard, MEM optimized, computing and high-I/O.

• Standard: Features balanced computing, memory and network resources that can meet application resource requirements in most scenarios.

• MEM optimized: Features large memory, suitable for applications requiring a large number of memory operations, lookups and calculations such as high-performance databases and distributed memory caches.

• Computing: Features high random IOPS, high throughput and low access latency, suitable for I/O-intensive applications such as high-performance databases with high disk read/write and latency requirements.

• High-I/O: Features the highest single-core computing performance, suitable for compute-intensive applications such as batch processing, high-performance computing and large-scale gaming servers.

Flexible Creation and Specs Adjustment

CVM instances can be created by specifying one or more CDHs. There are no limitations on CVM instance specs which can be customized based on the host resources, enabling you to plan and allocate resources independently and efficiently. A wide range of computing, network and disk options and adjustments are available. You can up-grade/downgrade the CPU and memory specs of the CVM instance and upgrade the disk specs.

Multiple Regions and Availability Zones

Tencent Cloud boasts hosted IDCs in many regions around the globe, so you can choose a region close to your target clients for CDH deployment, significantly reducing access latency and enhancing user experience.

There are multiple availability zones in each region. If your business requires high disas-ter recovery performance, CDH instances can be deployed in different availability zones in the same region to protect applications from being affected by the failure of a single availability zone.


Financial Businesses

Financial businesses often have to meet strict compliance requirements. The user can deploy the businesses on CVM instances of CDH, ensuring physical isolation from other users' servers while using resources exclusively to meet the requirements for sensitive business data protection and disk demagnetizing.

High performance Businesses

For business scenarios that require high performance stability such as live game broadcasting, CDH can be used to guarantee the exclusive use of physical server resources where the user can plan the business deployment on CDH and make full use of the resources while avoiding resource preemption.