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Monitoring and Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeInstanceMonitorBigKey Queries the big key of an instance
DescribeInstanceMonitorBigKeySizeDist Queries the big key size distribution of an instance
DescribeInstanceMonitorBigKeyTypeDist Queries the big key type distribution of an instance
DescribeInstanceMonitorHotKey Queries the hot key of an instance
DescribeInstanceMonitorSIP Queries the access source information of an instance
DescribeInstanceMonitorTookDist Queries the distribution of instance access time
DescribeInstanceMonitorTopNCmd Queries an instance access command
DescribeInstanceMonitorTopNCmdTook Queries the instance CPU time

Region APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeProductInfo Queries the purchasable product specifications

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
AllocateWanAddress Enables public network API
ChangeReplicaToMaster Promotes a replica node group to master node group
DescribeInstanceAccount Views instance sub-account information
DescribeInstanceNodeInfo Queries instance node information
DescribeMaintenanceWindow Queries instance maintenance window
DescribeReplicationGroup Queries the global replication group
DescribeSlowLog Queries the slow log
InquiryPriceCreateInstance Queries the price for purchasing an instance
InquiryPriceUpgradeInstance Queries the price for scaling an instance
ModfiyInstancePassword Changes the Redis password
ReleaseWanAddress Disables public network API




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