Tencent Cloud Analyst Reports

Learn what Gartner, IDC and other top industry analyst firms are saying about Tencent Cloud

Analyst Reports

      • Web Application Security

        2020 China Cloud WAF Market Study

        WAF is based on cloud native security capabilities. According to this study, Tencent Cloud holds a lead in the development of BOT detection capability and Zero Trust eXtended ecosystem.

      • CDN

        Market Guide for Global CDN

        Tencent Cloud has been rated as the "most comprehensive" vendor in the report for two consecutive years, and is the only CDN vendor in China that has received this rating for two consecutive years.

      • Online Fraud Detection

        Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection

        Tencent Security represents China's business security field, entering the international anti-fraud field for the first time in 6 years, and was selected as a "bank-level" recommendation list

      • DDos Mitigation

        Now Tech: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q2 2020

        Tencent Security has been selected as Mid-size recommended vendor for two consecutive years

      • Cloud Workload Security

        Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

        Tencent Security was selected for the first time in the "full-featured, full-platform" recommended list

      • Database

        The Future of the DBMS Market Is Cloud

        According to the report, Tencent Cloud's database market share has grown at a rate of 123%, ranking first among all domestic database vendors, and has maintained a growth momentum of top 3 for 2 consecutive years.

      • FaaS

        The Forrester New Wave™: Function-As-A-Service Platforms, Q1 2020

        Tencent Cloud's FaaS capabilities stand out by virtue of its absolute advantages in product experience, security, and strategic vision. Forrester officials give a "strong performer" evaluation.

      • AI

        Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services

        Tencent Cloud became the only cloud service provider in China to be included in the report.

      • Web Application Security

        IDC MarketScape:China Web Application Security Market 2019 Vendor Evaluation

        Tencent Security is a leader among in-depth web application security products and service providers.

      • Computer Vision

        The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Public Cloud Platforms In China, Q4 2019

        Tencent Cloud's computer vision cloud service has obvious differentiated advantages in the five dimensions of development, deployment, and solutions, and it is rated as "the most powerful performer".

      • Container

        The Forrester New Wave™: Public Cloud Enterprise Container Platforms, Q3 2019

        Tencent Cloud's container product was selected as a "Strong Competitor" for the first time, and officially entered the ranks of the top global container manufacturers.

      • Database

        The Forrester Wave™: Database-As-A-Service, Q2 2019

        In the report, Tencent Cloud Database was selected as a "strong competitor" for the first time.

      Peer Reviews

      Read what enterprise customers and IT professionals have to say about Tencent Cloud on this peer-driven ratings and review platform hosted by Gartner Research.

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