Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2019-03-14 09:26:56


Billing Rules

Daily cost of TcaplusDB = Daily capacity fees + Daily fees for reserved writes + Daily fees for reserved reads


Capacity: The names of both primary key column and attribute column are counted into the data size of each record line.

Reserved read: One 4 KB single-line read operation per second is one reserved read CU (capacity unit).

Reserved write: One 4 KB single-line write operation per second is one reserved write CU.

CU calculation rule: A CU is calculated separately at the end of each request and response process. CUs are accumulated and calculated according to the larger value between the request and the response. Data smaller than 4 KB is rounded up to the nearest 4 KB, and data larger than 4 KB is calculated in multiples of 4 KB. For example, if a 9 KB response is returned for a 1 KB request within a second, because the size of the response is larger than that of the request, the number of CUs is calculated according to the value of response. 9 KB is about two 4 KB sets, and the remaining 1 KB is counted as 4 KB, so the total number of CUs is 2+1=3.

Billing Method


Price List

Region Capacity (USD/GB/day) Reserved Read (USD/GB/day) Reserved Write (USD/GB/day)
Mainland China 0.0052 0.0019 0.0048
North America 0.0058 0.0020 0.0055
Canada 0.0058 0.0022 0.0055
Frankfurt 0.0060 0.0022 0.0057
Singapore 0.0061 0.0025 0.0061
Hong Kong 0.0055 0.0019 0.0055
Japan 0.0055 0.0019 0.0055

The capacity, reserved read and reserved write of a single table should be between 1 GB to 300 GB, 60 CUs to 800,000 CUs, and 20 CUs to 260,000 CUs, respectively. To apply for more quota, contact customer service to sign an off-line contract.

  • When you apply for the storage product, the system will calculate whether the balance in your account is sufficient. If it is sufficient, a specified amount (capacity*unit price) will be frozen for one day when you create a table; otherwise, the creation will fail.
  • The fees of the previous day will be deducted daily at 00:00.
  • Insufficient balance will trigger denial of access to the service. When your account is in arrears, data will be kept for 7 days. If you fail to make the payment within 7 days, the data will be deleted.

Settlement Cycle

Fees are charged on a daily basis, and those generated in the current day will automatically be deducted on next day. Any bill-related dispute should be resolved through negotiation. When negotiation fails, the resolution shall be based on the system data.