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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:07

Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) provides secure and reliable elastic computing services. Within just a few minutes, you can get and activate your CVM instances in Tencent Cloud to implement your computing needs. As your business needs change, you can add or remove computing resources in real time. CVM is pay-as-you-go, saving your computing costs. With CVM, you can greatly reduce your software and hardware purchase costs and simplify IT OPS.

CVM operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Changing public IP cvm AdjustPublicAddress
Applying for EIP v3 cvm AllocateAddresses
Creating CDH instance cvm AllocateHosts
Rolling back CBS snapshot cvm ApplySnapshot
Binding EIP v3 cvm AssociateAddress
Binding key v3 cvm AssociateInstancesKeyPairs
Associating instance with security group v3 cvm AssociateSecurityGroups
Mounting cloud disk cvm AttachCbsStorages
Binding automatic snapshot policy cvm BindAutoSnapshotPolicy
Cold-Migrating service to instance cvm ColdMigrateInstance
Creating automatic snapshot policy cvm CreateAutoSnapshotPolicy
Purchasing cloud disk cvm CreateCbsStorages
Creating image v3 cvm CreateImage
Creating key v3 cvm CreateKeyPair
Creating security group cvm CreateSecurityGroup
Creating security group rule cvm CreateSecurityGroupPolicy
Creating CBS snapshot cvm CreateSnapshot
Deleting automatic snapshot policy cvm DeleteAutoSnapshotPolicies
Deleting the security configuration of user cloud disk cvm DeleteDiskSecurityConfigurations
Deleting image v3 cvm DeleteImages
Deleting key v3 cvm DeleteKeyPairs
Deleting security group cvm DeleteSecurityGroup
Deleting security group rule cvm DeleteSecurityGroupPolicy
Deleting CBS snapshot cvm DeleteSnapshot
Querying EIP v3 cvm DescribeAddresses
Querying block storage cvm DescribeAllBlockStorages
Viewing automatic snapshot policy cvm DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicies
Querying bound automatic snapshot policy cvm DescribeCbsAssociatedAsp
Querying cloud disk cvm DescribeCbsStorages
Querying the security configuration of user cloud disk cvm DescribeDiskSecurityConfigurations
Querying independent host v3 cvm DescribeHosts
Querying image v3 cvm DescribeImages
Querying image sharing v3 cvm DescribeImageSharePermission
Querying instance bandwidth configuration cvm DescribeInstanceInternetBandwidthConfigs
Querying instance attribute cvm DescribeInstancesAttribute
Viewing the number of cloud disks that can be mounted to CVM instance cvm DescribeInstancesCbsNum
Viewing the list of instance operation limits cvm DescribeInstancesDeniedActions
Querying whether the server can be returned cvm DescribeInstancesReturnable
Querying instance status v3 cvm DescribeInstancesStatus
Querying the URL of instance management client cvm DescribeInstanceVncUrl
Querying key list v3 cvm DescribeKeyPairs
Querying the number of resources bound to security group cvm DescribeSecurityGroupAssociateInstances
Querying security group list cvm DescribeSecurityGroupEx
Querying security group quota cvm DescribeSecurityGroupLimits
Querying security group rule cvm DescribeSecurityGroupPolicy
DescribeSecurityGroupPolicys cvm DescribeSecurityGroupPolicys
Querying security group cvm DescribeSecurityGroups
Querying CBS snapshot cvm DescribeSnapshots
Unmounting cloud disk cvm DetachCbsStorages
Unbinding EIP v3 cvm DisassociateAddress
Unbinding key v3 cvm DisassociateInstancesKeyPairs
Dissociating instance form security group v3 cvm DisassociateSecurityGroups
Entering rescue mode cvm EnterRescueMode
Exiting the hot migration of service cvm ExitLiveMigrateInstance
Exiting rescue mode cvm ExitRescueMode
Migrating service to data disk cvm ImportCbs
Importing key v3 cvm ImportKeyPair
Querying CBS snapshot price cvm InquirySnapshotPrice
Querying cloud disk price cvm InquiryStoragePrice
Hot-Migrating service to instance cvm LiveMigrateInstance
Modifying EIPv3 cvm ModifyAddressAttribute
Adjusting EIP bandwidth v3 cvm ModifyAddressesBandwidth
Modifying automatic snapshot policy cvm ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicy
Setting auto-renewal flag for CBS instance cvm ModifyCbsRenewFlag
Modifying cloud disk attribute cvm ModifyCbsStorageAttributes
Modifying the security configuration of user cloud disk cvm ModifyDiskSecurityConfigurations
Modifying CDH instance attribute cvm ModifyHostsAttribute
Modifying image v3 cvm ModifyImageAttribute
Setting image sharing v3 cvm ModifyImageSharePermission
Switching network billing mode cvm ModifyInstanceInternetChargeType
Modifying instance attribute cvm ModifyInstancesAttribute
Modifying instance project cvm ModifyInstancesProject
Modifying instance renewal flag cvm ModifyInstancesRenewFlag
Modifying key v3 cvm ModifyKeyPairAttribute
Modifying security group attribute cvm ModifySecurityGroupAttributes
Modifying security group rules cvm ModifySecurityGroupPolicys
Modifying security group rule cvm ModifySingleSecurityGroupPolicy
Modifying CBS snapshot attribute cvm ModifySnapshot
Terminating CVM instance v3 cvm PurgeInstances
Restarting CVM instance v3 cvm RebootInstances
Releasing EIP v3 cvm ReleaseAddresses
Renewing cloud disk cvm RenewCbsStorage
Renewing CDH instance cvm RenewHosts
Renewing CVM instance cvm RenewInstances
Reinstalling CVM instance v3 cvm ResetInstance
Adjusting the bandwidth upper limit of instance v3 cvm ResetInstancesInternetMaxBandwidth
Modifying instance password v3 cvm ResetInstancesPassword
Adjusting CVM instance configuration v3 cvm ResetInstancesType
Expanding cloud disk capacity cvm ResizeCbsStorage
Expanding the data disk capacity of CVM instance v3 cvm ResizeInstanceDisks
Creating CVM instance v3 cvm RunInstances
Starting CVM instance v3 cvm StartInstances
Disabling CVM instance v3 cvm StopInstances
Syncing image v3 cvm SyncImages
Terminating CBS instance cvm TerminateCbsStorages
Deleting CVM instance v3 cvm TerminateInstances
Unbinding automatic snapshot policy cvm UnbindAutoSnapshotPolicy
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