MediaLive: Broadcast-grade processing platform to help you build video workflows in the cloud


From esports to broadcast news, the screening of a live performance captivates us on a more intimate and authentic scale. In the golden age of live videos, Tencent Cloud turns to help broadcasters live stream easily and securely without ever worrying about the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Tencent Cloud MediaLive is a dedicated platform that lets global users create fast, stable, diverse and secure video outputs for live broadcast and streaming delivery. MediaLive is supported by Tencent Cloud’s compute resources deployed globally and independently developed audiovisual platforms. It leverages AI technologies to implement services such as transcoding.

MediaLive delivers high-speed and cost-effective transcoding and DRM solution ideally for broadcasters

MediaLive supports multi-protocol and multi-format streaming protocols, deploys security groups to validate the IPv4 source addresses, and features flexible configuration for independent channels with diversified output combinations.

Most notably, however, MediaLive offers broadcast-grade transcoding services. It can ingest the live feed and transcode it at different bitrates, frame rates and resolutions. These include SD, HD, UHD, 2K, and 4K, which are commonly used in digital TV and studios. With the top speed codec transcoding service independently developed by Tencent Cloud, MediaLive taps into AI algorithms to calculate the optimal dynamic encoding parameters based on business scenarios. When RTP-MPEG TS is enabled, MediaLive can configure the input streams with multiple audio tracks and transcode each track independently.

To protect global users’ video assets, MediaLive offers a specialized DRM solution. The digital content is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form so only authorized personnel can play it back. MediaLive is also compatible with Google’s Widevine and Apple’s FairPlay - two encryption schemes that provide the capability to securely distribute, license and play back content on mainstream web browsers and OTT devices.

MediaLive provides broadcasters a bridge to the future of video delivery from the cloud

MediaLive is designed to meet the needs of various video operations. Enterprises in TV, radio, esports, ecommerce, entertainment and other sectors can all benefit from the low-latency and high-performing broadcast and streaming capabilities of MediaLive. For government agencies and financial institutions with more stringent security requirements, MediaLive leverages fine-grained encryption methods to implement digital copyright protection.

In addition to MediaLive, Tencent Cloud offers a broad set of cloud-based video solutions. See the table below for a brief introduction on their key features and use scenarios.

MediaLive helps professionals focus on content innovation to provide their audiences with optimal viewing experiences, while eliminating the complexity of infrastructure management. MediaLive was launched on the international console on June 10th and is available for whitelisted users. To use it, please contact us.

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