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Simple Copy

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    The copy operation creates a copy of a COS object of up to 5 GB in a single request. To copy an object over 5 GB, use the multipart upload API. With the copy operation, you can:

    • Create a copy of an object.
    • Rename an object by copying it and deleting the original one.
    • Modify the storage class of an object. You can select the same object key as both the source and target and modify the storage class.
    • Copy objects across different COS regions.
    • Modify object metadata. You can select the same object key as both the source and target and modify object metadata.

    In the copy operation, the metadata of the source object is inherited by default, while the creation date is subject to the creation date of the target object.


    • Copy and paste are not supported for objects in the ARCHIVE storage class.
    • A sub-account should be granted the PutObject, GetObject, and GetObjectACL permissions to copy objects.


    Using COS console

    Copy objects in the COS console. For more information, see Copying Objects in Console Guide.

    Using REST APIs

    Use REST APIs to initiate an object copy request. For more information, see PUT Object - Copy.

    Using SDKs

    Directly call the object copy method in the SDK. For more information, see the SDK documentation for the corresponding programming language below:

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