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The following terms may be involved when you use the SDK:

Term Description
APPID A unique user-level resource identifier for COS access. It can be obtained at Manage API Key.
SecretId A developer-owned secret ID used for the project. It can be obtained at Manage API Key.
SecretKey A developer-owned secret key used for the project. It can be obtained at Manage API Key.
Bucket A container used for data storage. For more information, please see Bucket Overview.
BucketName-APPID Bucket name, with the value of APPID as its suffix. Example: examplebucket-1250000000
Object A file stored in COS. It is the basic entity that is stored.
ObjectKey A unique identifier of an object stored in COS. For more information about objects and object keys, please see Object Overview.
Region Region information. For more information about the enumerated values (such as ap-beijing, ap-hongkong, and eu-frankfurtplease), please see Regions and Access Endpoints.
ACL Access Control List, a list of access control information for a specified bucket or object. For more information, please see ACL Overview.

If you encounter errors such as non-existent functions or methods when using the XML version of the SDK, please update the SDK to the latest version and try again.

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