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Grant Sub-account Permissions to Pull Tag List

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    You can filter buckets by tag and get a buckets list in the COS Console. This feature relies on the Tencent Cloud tagging service.

    Assume that the enterprise account CompanyExample (OwnerUin: 100000000001, Owner_appid: 1250000000) has a sub-account jason.read, and CompanyExample needs to grant the sub-account permissions to get a list of tagged objects. The following provides details on how to grant the permissions.


    If you want to enable the sub-account to get a list of buckets filtered by tag in the console, you need to grant it the necessary permissions GetResourceTags, GetResourcesByTags and GetTags by creating custom policies in the CAM Console.


    1. Log in to the CAM console using the enterprise account CompanyExample and enter the policy configuration page.
    2. Grant the sub-account jason.read permissions to pull a list of tagged objects using policy generator or policy syntax.
    • Using policy generator
      (1). Go to the CAM policies list page.
      (2) Click Create Custom Policy > Create by policy generator.
      (3) Enter the creation details page, and configure the following:
      • Effect: use the default option Allow.
      • Service: select Tag.
      • Action: check actions as needed for your business. Check GetResourceTags, GetResourcesByTags and GetTags here.
      • Resource: enter * here, or a description that you see fill your environment. See Resource Description Method.

        (4) Click Add Statement, and you can see the configured permission right below.
        (5) Click Next, enter the policy name, and click Done to complete the creation.
    • Using policy syntax
      (1) Go to the CAM policies list page.
      (2) Click Create Custom Policy > Create by Policy Syntax.
      (3) You can choose to create the policy using Blank Template or an existing tag template. Here we choose QcloudTAGFullAccess.

      (4) Click Next, and you can see the policy template is defaulted as tag:*. Here we change action to name/tag:GetResourceTags, name/tag:GetResourcesByTags and name/tag:GetTags with policy syntax as shown below:
      "version": "2.0",
      "statement": [
              "effect": "allow",
              "action": [
              "resource": [

    (5) Click Done to complete the creation.
    3. Associate the policy with the sub-account jason.read by locating the policy created in step 2 in the policies page and clicking Bind User/Group on the right side.
    4. In the Bind User/User Group window, select sub-account jason.read and click OK.

    5. Log in to the console using the sub-account jason.read. In the Bucket List page, select Tag and enter Tag Key to search for a list of buckets all with the specified tag as shown below:

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